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TWiki Pages

Each page in a TWiki web is called a topic, defined by its meaningful, descriptive WikiWord title.

Page Features

A TWiki topic is a self-contained information unit, rich in features that include:

The configuration of your TWiki site and your own user account determine which of these features you can use.

How to rename, move or delete a page

You can now rename, move and delete individual topics from your browser. All three options are available by clicking More on the control strip at the bottom of every page. Access to one or more of these three options, for a topic, a web or an entire site, may be available to administrators only. In any case, all three are similar and extremely self-explanatory.

  1. On the page you want to change, click More > Rename/move
  2. To move or delete: select the target web (Trash for delete)from the pull-down menu; otherwise, leave on the current web
  3. To rename: fill in a new WikiName (otherwise, leave the current topic name)
  4. To update occurrences of the topic name on other pages: From the list of pages that link to the topic, check or uncheck each entry as you desire - only checked links will be updated;
  5. Click Rename/move: the topic will be renamed and links to the topic updated.

HELP Deleting means moving the topic to the Trash web. Since all webs share the one Trash, name conflicts may come up.

ALERT! NOTE: Keep in mind that moving a topic from a view-restricted web to a public web or the Trash web will compromise security.

See ManagingTopics for more details.

-- MikeMannix - 02 Oct 2001

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