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FAQ for quests and quest-related material and/or proposals

Q: Why can't we get help doing the quests?

A: Quests are intended to be an individualistic pursuit to bolster a player's status within the MUD as an avid adventurer and to earn quest points, points allocated as a reward for doing the work involved in the quest. If one receives help doing the quest, it violates the value of the points and makes quests pointless for people who would solve them by fairer (legal) means. Personally, I am more interested in one player's right to an enriching experience on the game than another player's right to ask a friend for directions, hence the law and log change proposals included in the outline.

Q: What's the point of doing quests?

A: Quests come with exp and quest point bonuses, sometimes gold and items as well. I hope that they can be more benefactory and worth guarding as quests develop security-wise (as much as they can be developed, anyway).

Q: What's the point of trying to catch quest cheaters? It's virtually impossible to catch all of them anyway.

A: While I acknowledge that it is impossible to stop people from quest cheating, I don't believe that is any reason not to try -- to, at the very least, protect the sanctity of our static quests and the points that people who actually do the quests spend so much time to earn. Elsewise, there's really not a reason to have quests... so I don't really even think it's a choice to ignore securing them as much as possible.

Q: What is the point of seeing some of the answers changed every two or so months?

A: To keep the quests interesting and to make sure that some of the static quests don't have permanent answers as well.

Q: What is the purpose behind registering characters?

A: Registering characters simply allows wizards to know who owns which characters and when the characters were created. This could possibly prove useful to finding patterns in logs where it may be evident that a party could cheat on quests. Otherwise, I think it would help us cut down on chars that aren't played and save a little space...

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