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I. Areas
 a. Current Projects
  1. The Warrior Guild - The area and layout of the Warrior Guild in Tolnedra. (Awaiting First QC)
  2. Avalon Forest - The forest outside the plains of Avalon has met with new aggressors to its serenity.
   A. Forest (65% Complete)
   B. Cathedral (not yet started)
   C. Abbey (not yet started)
   D. Lumberyard (not yet started)
   E. Barracks (not yet started)
   F. Dungeon (not yet started)
 b. On the Horizon
  1. The Plains of Avalon - The plains surrounding the city of Caramore. (not yet planned)
   A. Caramore Way
   B. Plains
   C. Thicket
   D. River
   E. Coeur Plein - A village.
   F. Encampment
   G. Armory
  2. Caramore - The Kingdom of Caramore (not yet planned)
   A. Walls/Barricade (not yet planned)
   B. Slums (not yet planned)
   C. Main Drag (not yet planned)
   D. Traffic/Transit (not yet planned)
   E. Etc, etc, etc. (not yet planned)
  3. Caramore Castle (not yet planned)
  4. Stone of the Light - Fortress of the Lightsworn defenders of Caramore.
II. Guilds
 a. On the Horizon
  1. The Warrior Guild - Completing and adding to play.
   A. Revision/Rebalance
   B. Adaptation to Current System
   C. Second revision; add or remove commands.
   D. Release Trial
  2. Stormlord Guild - WTF is a stormlord, anyway?
   A. Revise
   B. Replan
   C. Recode
   D. Release

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