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File Attachments

Each topic can have files attached to it, similar to an email attachment. Use your browser to upload or download a file. Attachments are stored under revision control, so uploads can never be lost, and files changes can be made with a rollback option that lets you retrieve all previous versions.

What Are Attachments Good For?

File Attachments can be used to create powerful groupware solutions - file sharing, document management - and for speedy Web authoring.

Document Management System

File Sharing

Web Authoring

Uploading Files

Downloading Files

Moving Attachment Files

An attachement can be moved between topics. To do this click Action on the attachment to be moved. On the control page, select the new web and topic, the click Move. The attachment and its version history are moved. The original location is stored as topic Meta Data?.

Deleting Attachments

It is not possible to delete attached files with the current TWiki implementation. However, they can be moved to another topic. You may care to have a topic Trash.TrashAttachments - move attachments that are no longer wanted here.

Linking to Attached Files

File Attachment Contents Table

Files attached to a topic are displayed in a directory table, displayed at the bottom of the page, or optionally, hidden and accessed when you click Attach.

Attachment: Action: Size: Date: Who: Comment:
Sample.txt action 30 22 Jul 2000 - 19:37 PeterThoeny Just a sample
Smile.gif action 94 22 Jul 2000 - 19:38 PeterThoeny Smiley face

File Attachment Controls

Clicking on an Action link takes you to a new page that looks like this:

Attachment: Action: Size: Date: Who: Comment: Attribute:
Sample.txt action 30 22 Jul 2000 - 19:37 PeterThoeny Just a sample  
Smile.gif action 94 22 Jul 2000 - 19:38 PeterThoeny Smiley face  

Update attachment Sample.txt

Version: Action: Date: Who: Comment:
1.1 view 2001. PeterThoeny  

C:\DATA\Sample.txt (PeterThoeny)
Local file:
Link: Create a link to the attached file at the end of the topic.
Hide file: Hide attachment in normal topic view.
Help text ...

Topic FileAttachment . { | | Move attachment | Cancel }

Known Issues

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Revision r1.3 - 11 Nov 2000 - 06:32 GMT - Main.Peterthoeny

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