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FOR Wizards for a FULL LIST OF STUFF IN Quality Control and Development:type finger projectlist
FOR Wizards for a FULL LIST OF AREAS IN Quality Control and Development:type finger domainlist

(  QC  )
WIZARD  TYPE     Name                  Status
------  ----     ----                  ------
ELFFY   COMMAND  Even player trade     In 2nd QC and code cleanup
ELFFY   COMMAND  Domain_d commands     In test
ELFFY   COMMAND  Project_d commands    In test
ELFFY   DAEMON   Time Daemon           In 1st QC
ELFFY   QUEST    confidential          Past 1stQC waiting on second
ELFFY   QUEST    confidential          In 1st QC

ELFFY   BACKBONE EASTERN_PLAINS        (Active) (NA)    Ongoing project to expand the backbone
ELFFY   AREA     Harn Beach            (Active) (95%)   pending cleanup to water-room 
ELFFY   AREA     Harn Jetty            (Active) (75%)   coding
ELFFY   RECODE   replace Styl ferries  (chicken)        Too chicken, afraid I might break it.
ELFFY   AREA     Taztos outpost        (dev)    (90%)   planned
ELFFY   AREA     5 other Sub-areas     (dev)    (50%)   planned 
ELFFY   GAME     DeathBall Arena       (dying)  (40%)   submitted
ELFFY   OBJECT   encounter code        (dying)  (80%)   code too cumbersome

(  Elffy's INPLAY  )
domain daemon         (done) 
Vehicle Object        (done)
Harn Docks            (done)
MagicBall Arena       (done) 
book object           (done)
Krestle Keep Touch up (done) original coder Crossbones
Warcraft touch up     (done) original coder Pitvipr
Wiztower              (done) original coder Crossbones

Sponsorship Status: I'm gilled, I couldn't possibly sponsor anyone right now.

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