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Right now water rooms are still under development. Add your suggestions you think how water rooms should/shouldn't operate.
Some things to think about:


Timed drowning. surface/underwater

Swimming in armour

Swimming carrying stuff

Different environments to swim in ( river stream lake pond ocean )

Add Suggestions here...

a river/pond/lake/etc should be a fillable source for buckets/vials/etc ( idea by Elffy )

Combat should be slowed underwater, and only piercing weapons can have any effect there -- PumaN - 14 Jan 2003

I killed a bug in the pond and said "A corpse of a tadpole is on the ground." I think they should float or sink to the bottom ( corpses probably don't float )

Fighting underwater should speed up the timed drowing.

If someone is swimming in a river it should have the potential to pull the player down stream.

Some streams/creeks may be too shallow to swim in. Maybe have the player able to walk through those areas but be more difficult to get through ... ?

After swimming for awhile it should effect the players hearing.

-- EmbeR - 14 Jan 2003


ElffyB: it should be given a higher than other priority ... because there are lots of things pending because of this ...

-- EmbeR - 10 Feb 2003

Swimming design:

To be able to handle currents and swimming, we need a different kind of movement system, which is delayed.

To not have the players being drawn back by the current as soon as they enter a room, before being able to type a new direction command, they should try staying in the same spot, swimming against the current at the same speed as it.

There should also be a command 'float' which makes you simply follow the current.

Each room could be divided in a 3x3 grid, in which we move them, this will not be visible to players, but as they progress through the squares, they get messages on where they are heading. (ie, "You try to swim west, but the current is too strong and you are pulled southeast.")

Swimming/floating uses up stamina, at a varying rate dependant on how good a swimmer you are and how burdened you are.

If you run out of stamina, you start to sink, once submerged, you will try to hold your breath for as long as possible and then start losing life. (swimming in deep water when you're not too good at it won't be an advisable affair)

Syntax suggestion by ElffyB: "The current here is 'strong' you are being swept to the east you can; dive, float, swim east, swim west or look."

-- PumaN - 22 Apr 2003

I'd suggest that we also have some point at which they are so burdened relative to their swimming skill that they simply sink while they still have stamina. At this point they can drop stuff and swim to the surface.

-- FantoM - 29 May 2003

The message when someone arrives or leaves should be changed to something like "[person] swims in." and/or "[person] swims [direction]"

-- TigeR - 02 Jun 2004

Breathpoints have been done already -- PumaN - 22 Jan 2004

Idea of breathinging underwater (original from Ranma, Ember, and a bit from Fry; chopped by Fred)

You get "breath points" or Bp: based on your ot.swimming skill, much like affects hp
Stamina and Con affects your Bp, how it is drain and total amount.
being underwater depletes Bp depended on depth.

To set depth of water room:

once you run out of Bp: it starts draining your hp, you start drowning.
Potions could replenish or grant unlimited Bp..
Higher lvl players drown as easily as lowlvl players.
Water rooms at the top have a depth of 1, 2 for the room below it, 3 for the room below that...etc.

-- DonaldKincannon?

Swim into cave ->

-- ProdigY
I think that we want to make this as realistic as possible but also we have to get into the discussion of what is the benefit of having an underwater area? As it stands taken from what has been posted already: you can die a lot easier; you can only use certain weapons; fighting is a lot slower; fleeing is a lot slower. Does this sound like a place where a player would actually want to go then? Are we making it so realistic that it wouldn't matter to have the areas anyway because no one would want to go there? Just a few thoughts. -- AureleaGu - 27 Jul 2006

Fair call: Sunken treasure. Quests. Others? -- FantoM - 27 Jul 2006

I enjoy the thought of sunken treasure, although that would probably only be in water rooms considered to be oceans. It could work for lakes if someone just hid it there. In this case there could be a large monster protecting it. Maybe in the case of the ocean, the placement of it could be at random? Is the room generator able to do that? Both could be a once per boot occurrence. Of course not every water area could have this same idea.

The new combat system that was put into play... was that made to handle the combat alterations that were suggested previously? (see Puma comment from 14 Jan 2003) -- AureleaGu - 28 Jul 2006

Yes - random placement of an item is possible.

No - the combat system has not made it that far yet. -- FantoM - 28 Jul 2006

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