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OK...check OshiuS if you need a map of where these warves are. One is west, and one is east. It's simple.

There will be 2 warves, east and west. These warves have assorted houseboats, perhaps a store as one of them, at least some kind of alchemy store. One needs a key to get to either one of them. These keys will be available off citizens from either section (which will wander oshius...)

Ok, the east warf is going to be 8-10. It's the shady section of the reef town. That will be proposed later however, and for right now, the warf is going to be 4 long, going n/s, with boats off east and west of it.

There will be some sailors (see ReefIsland proposal to see a list of mobs). Other possible mobs will include regular inhabitants/fishermen(or women...)

West warf is going to be the nicer part of the area. It will be 10-14 rooms, 5 n/s rooms. It will have similar mobs, but more upright fishermen, and perhaps a bit richer and stronger.

Anything else needed to be added? As I said, specifics for mobs are unknown at the moment, but if you want more details and such, look at ReefIsland. This area is less mobs and more rooms. Objects are considered pre-approved, as this is part of the prop for the entire island.


 b   b     b-w-b
 |   |       |
 w-w-w     b-w
 |   |       |
 b-b w-b   b-w-b
     | f   p |
     | |   | |

w=warf, either west or east (should be obvious which is which...)

d=dock, these rooms are already built by Fry

b=any boat room. boats will vary.


f=ferry (if it's there)

-- DevonScarfe - 02 Oct 2003

I'm not sure of the justification for having a branch of the alchemy guild here in a fishing community.

-- FantoM - 03 Oct 2003

How could I make it so that the boats are "randomly" places around the warfs? Puma and I discussed this, and it would add a little bit of amusement to the warfs. -- DevonScarfe - 03 Oct 2003

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