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As more complexity is added, we will come to situations where you will have to choose whether you want to accept what someone else is doing to you.

Example, Puma wants to give you a four-poster bed as birthday present, however, if you automatically accept it you would get so burdened down that I could easily kill you without you having a chance of running.

Similarly, having to do an 'accept' each time someone wants something is also cumbersome.

So I suggest having a 'trust'-system where you can tell how you feel about each player...

We put actions that require accepting into two categories.
Normal: Training, following, giving items that will not burden you.
Harmful: Actions which will damage you. Giving of objects that will make you burdened. Borrowing of your things.

Then we give the possibility to put players into four different categories which automatically accepts or rejects some actions.

We might be able to code other things into those settings, such as alertness to sneak attacks and similar...

-- PumaN - 20 Jan 2003

I like.

-- FantoM - 20 Jan 2003

OwnerShip - simple system to mark objects by owner, thus we can allow only certain actions to be applicable to objects that you own and are in the same room as you (for example CorpseLooting? and SummonedPets?)

-- PumaN - 20 Feb 2003

Module: m_trust



We also need methods to check whether an action is allowed, should this be in another module:

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