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Death is what occurs when your characters body, for any reason, cease to function. Usually it involves damage that cuts your hp below 0.

The handling of death balances the gaming style of the players.

In Tharsis Gate

Death punishments:

The amount of death punishment should be directly balanced with how dangerous the game is. If the game is very dangerous and often involves dying, the punishment should be lenient.

-- PumaN - 12 Jan 2003

For awhile now someone was making so you can't quit in combat. Having this would prevent people from just simply quitting and escaping death everytime, death should be unavoidable. I like the harsh ones, although I do believe some monsters (Homeguard, and fred) should be removed if death becomes more harsher, how about losing like 5% of your combat skills after death, and 10% of your guild skills, this would sorta prevent some people having such high skills as they do.

-- MarcMitchell - 15 Jan 2003

I'm one of those people in favour of not letting you quit while in combat. Being in combat I would define as having been swung at, or swung at something, within the last minute.

This said I agree that all the death trap monsters which won't let you run are a piece of shit and that their never fail blocking your attempt to run should be converted into something else, after all it was only put in by their coders to make the monsters seem tougher.

I'm not really in favour of loosing skills - I'd argue that if we have this re-incarnation that you don't loose knowledge in death. Loosing a stat can be argued as "Your re-created body is missing some stuff due to being dead". Cirtainly I'd be against the lost of guild skills rather than skills in general - quite aside from the problem of handing non-guilded players.

I've played some muds where you just have a number of lives. We could go that route instead of, or in addition to, the loss of stats or skills. Such muds usually have some means of gaining extra lives through money or something.

-- FantoM - 16 Jan 2003

Hehe, I like the idea of having lives. Quests could be included, like 10 quest points per person could get you an extra life. I was thinking about something this way.

If you die, you don't lose stats, but as you said you have lives. To train a life requires a lot of hard work and dedication, throw all the stat trainers into 1 big pile so you could train lives, instead of stats. This way it wouldn't cripple your character to much, and if you've died many times you better be in for a treat, or something along those lines.

I'm glad you agree about the blicking monsters, or the insane ones(atleast someone does).

-- MarcMitchell - 17 Jan 2003

I agree with fantom on the monsters that blick and won't allow you to run. Death should be harsh, inorder to encourage people not to die intentionally. The only thing I see that is wrong with the current system is that stats are a pain in the butt to train...and unbalanced in their training. Of course this may be due to things I cannot fore see...but still, wiping is often prefered than trying to train a strength.

-- DonaldKincannon - 18 Jan 2003

Something I should have noted from the beginning: Harsh death penalties penalizes explorative behaviour, since that involves risks.

-- PumaN - 18 Jan 2003

Another point about the way death is now.....I recently died twice to Savendra on my player character. Now, I have to train back a con and a strength. Luckily I was given some coins and some rose gear+cloak+ginor to train con with. It took me 4-5 hours+ 100k coins to train my con stat 50% (yes only half) of the way.

Now....If you don't know how Con train lowers your hitpoints, until you almost die. That is considered one 'session'. You then have to re-heal your hp to do the next session. This re-healing is a real pain. Hence the reason for the gear I had, but even with that it still took me 4hrs for only 50%. So we're looking at 8hrs of play to train one stat, assuming you have coins and friends who will give you gear as soon as you log on. This seems to me as both Wiz and Player to be somewhat...well, crazy. But then again I'm the one who died.

Now, when I died I was with a party of 3 people. Toy, Silent, and Myself. We wanted to explore an area and test out a mob none of us had ever fought before. I think this extends back to Puma's comment on how this may dim peoples adventuring. I for one will not be attempting to kill anything that hard for awhile, just because it means I have to take a 8hr break away from actually playing of the game to type, sleep....wake.....torture me please...yes.....(repeat as nessecary)

-- DonaldKincannon - 03 Apr 2003

Well it wasn't supposed to be easy to raise stats - and I think we are getting a bit off topic here. I think that a combination of alternate death penalties (ie no stat loss) combined with the idea presented on the bulletin board at for handing stat raising covers this?

-- FantoM - 03 Apr 2003

Idea: A part of the death-punishment could be to lose the progress since you last visited a 'node'. This node could be defined as anything from a shrine to camping in a secure area or making a special prayer...

-- PumaN - 25 Apr 2003

I like this idea best. Though I think it should be something static that you couldn't visit every 10 seconds or put in your paths so never have to worry...

-- EmbeR - 11 Nov 2003

What about to save, you need to set up a camp. To set up a camp you will need to be

You will also need to Very party-friendly since its much easier to carry the heavy stuff needed for the camp when your more than one. And partys might be more willing to spend the time needed to set up the camp. Builders could make campspots availible in inside room simply by making it large enough in the desc and making it outside(simple solution, otherwise coding an override would be an option).

Other than that deathpunishment will be very harsh. And you will still loose all you gear and carried money. When camping there will still be punishments for death but not near as harsh as without.

another thing is that scars and marks should come from the combat instead of death.

-- FreD - 12 Nov 2003 22:01

I've pondered this subject the last few days for some unknown reason and an idea popped into my head.

How about if you die, you lost an appendage(arm, leg, ween). And say if you lose an arm you can't hold a shield and a sword at the same time. To get them replaced you go to the weird little doctor and he preform surgery on you.

Now say you lose your head... well, you just lost your head and you go to heaven. So make it pretty much impossible for you to lose the first three times and have the chance of it getting lost go up from there. And each time you die, the more it costs to get it replaced.

-- TigeR - 27 Jul 2004

A little off topic but anyway: I'm not a fan of this kind of thing - I've played only one mud where it existed and the first time I lost a leg to combat and found I couldn't walk and had to get some other player to help carry me back to some doctor I quit playing.

As an aside - we don't have support for limbs either on players or NPCs.

I prefer "less realistic but more playable" in this case..

-- FantoM - 29 Jul 2004

I came across an idea when coding ranged to-hit rolls when some person is grappling your target. An alternate form of death; 'Accidental death'. This occurs if a non-pk accidently kills another non-pk. There is loss of exp, stat or money. Just plain non harch death. It could occur for example if a party is battling a band of goblins, a ranger fire arrows at the target goblin, but unfortunately his team mate mr Priest is in close combat with the target goblin. The ranger miss the goblin but accidently hit mr Priest instead. Priest dies. In a normal case Priest would either be pissed for a week or wipe on the spot, in this case, it was an accidental death, there was no magic hand that moved the arrow to some other place and the Priest can laugh about it and pray some of his team mates use a raise-dead spell, so he can revive on the spot.

Yes thats right, the suggestion is to allow a non-pk to deal damage on another non-pk. This force you to choose your party-members and tactics more wisely. It is (with the current user database) highly possible some people will use this to annoy other players by 'accidently' kill them, this need to be concidered. Note that only a pk can directly target another pk, the only way to 'accidently' kill people on purpose is to use really huge area spells while they are fighting hoards of monsters.

An idea struck me as I was writing this, if you don't die from beeing a-killed, but instead just gets disabled. It has the same abuse factor as the other on the other hand. Anyway. friendly fire is on.

-- FreD - 16 Nov 2004

I walk into a room and cast sandstorm.... currently it's not possible to hurt the non-pks. I walk into a room where Fred is attacking a goblin in hand to hand. I throw an explosive vial at the goblin... lucky fred, pity about his head. If I can cast and fail an icestorm and accidentally impale you with an ice shared then why didn't the sandstorm hit you? Not that I'm against accidental damage. Quickheal can currently deal damage to a non-pk.

-- FantoM - 15 Nov 2004

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