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-- LuCid - 09 Mar 2004

I'd want Picts to be in the Slums somewhere and all the rooms would be indoors, because Poeun is the owner, and he's a thief PK.

The design was said that we could have 4-5 rooms last i heard. I wanted the donation room hidden down in a dark room. The clan board in the middle of the Hall. Wanted to buy a dragon and guards for the front of the Hall, and have traps for all non-members to run into. I wanted trophies of kills on the walls, such as heads. And racks for weapons and armour and/or a donation box. And i believe we were supposed to have a clan coffer to donate coins to help protect the Hall and to potentially run other things within the Hall, or buy restorative elixirs to heal ourselves. Etc. I'm not anxious to write any room descriptions for anything.

-- LuCid - 04 Nov 2004

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