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Yeah, couldn't find a place for this to go so I just made a new topic.

Anyways. I was thinking that we should make a modual or something for monsters to chat with. So if you say "hello Brax". "Brax says: Hello 'player'"

Of course this would work for like birds and such but we should atleast have it for shop keepers and such.

-- EmbeR - 30 Jul 2003

What about antisocial shop keepers? I.E. Horrace, Butch.

Put a sock in there mouths! -- EmbeR - 13 Nov 2003

Could have a list of different personality types, each type having it's own selection of replies, and we could give mobs several personality types to work with?

-- DonaldKincannon - 13 Nov 2003 RANMA

Laf. Such an old topic now. I don't see this as being too hard to implement.

One such thing:

Another thing:

How many actual NPCs are of any major signifigance to the conversing right now? Not too many, i should think. Tolnedra is a great place to test such a feature.

Further example:

-- LuCid - 15 Mar 2005

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