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A list of systems dependancy on eachother. Some things will have to be coded before others. Others stand independant. This will become complex... (some systems are dependant on several others, this could use a graphical tree)

We need this to find loose ends where we can start working and not have to wait for other systems to complete first. However, keep in mind the root systems are dependant on the branches too, the trunk has to be able to support the leaves with their nutrients.

Base - Can be coded on its own

A <-> B - A and B corelated and has to be done at the same time
A <- B - B has no good reason of existance until A is complete


GridWorlds <- Weather




To be inserted:

I think we might need to mark each topic with what systems it:
  1. affects
  2. are dependant on
  3. are necessary for

-- PumaN - 07 Feb 2003

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