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Was thinking we could freely brainstorm about this. Code of each can go under the topics or if discussion gets lengthy.

Are there other kinds of units?


examples: pound, stone, kilo, gram


examples: foot, mile, meter

SpaceUnits? (commonly used for liquids)

examples: pint, gallon, barrel, liter


examples: coins, seashells, gems


examples: hour, month, year of the dragon


examples: kilo, dozen, quarter

-- PumaN - 03 Mar 2003
I think the strings for units of measurement should probably not be fixed in this manner. We should have the ability to change the strings based on theme, culture, race, politics, etc. Dwarves for instance may call a 'pound', a 'stone'. I tried to make the units of time flexible like this in the time_d.

This was also my idea, but even if we have several sets, we still need to outline them... -- PumaN

-- ElffyB - 04 Mar 2003

Ok I started working on a Gems list (currency). And I got stymied. Consider a gem is usually measured in value by a few key factors, color, size, and apperance. I would like to go back to the idea of adding additional properties to certain objects. Size, appearance, color, object_name ... Originally my idea was to just modify the short with those extra adjectives. But in a system of gems these extra adjectives can value/de-value the gem based on a table. These extra properties can either be visible in the short or not.

Additionally many gmes are hard to distinguish from another gem of similar color. We may or may not want to build a system of identification for these based on a skill and maybe some statistics (wis & int) and a system to have the object identified.

I see this idenfication system as an addition to having an interesting object library, and should be reviewed on how we can implement it with the least amount of work.

Not sure if this is in the right topic ... move it if you like (i'm not very good with the twiki yet).

-- ElffyB - 06 Mar 2003

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