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Balance Proposal - Elffy 4-14-2001

Problem: Mobs become too easy for high level chars to defeat, in retaliation mobs get upgraded. This alienates lower levels from being able to obtain gear and defeat mobs. It upsets balance in general and requires wizard intervention and it isnt the best solution.

Make all area related mobs Unique (there should only be one King of Elfrea once he is dead then someone should step up for the role ... the next one will be either a player or another mob 1 1/2 times harder to beat).


    1. a Ruler.mob object that detects the death of a Kingdom ruler and calls an election a) the defeating player gets dibs on becoming Ruler (rules applied)... he will immediately become PK
    2. election daemon that allows players/kingdoms to vote for a new ruler. If the defeating player declines

Make all unique mob/unique area related objects unique period. There should only be one Tual Masok.


    1. insure the UniqueD? is working properly ...

Overall requirements

  1. There need to be more open areas, like terrain that interconnect unique areas

town - terrarin/road/backbone - area

  1. The terrain/road/backbone areas will be LARGE and have randomly occuring mobs and randomly occuring objects that rival unique mob/unique area objects.

Scenario A:

Uma the big lumbering retard (our highest level player), shanks the King of Elfrea (KOE) and takes the Staff of Decapitation (SOD).

  1. ) Elfrea the Kingdom holds an election (any other ruling alternatives take over queen prince princess), each get increasingly difficult to defeat until it becomes impossible for a ruler to be overthrown by any player singly. And then eventually impossible for any players to overthrow. a) a player takes ruling ability and becomes PK and cannot leave the Domain in which the kingdom resides. if the player is killed another election takes place players can participate nominate and run as candidates.

  1. ) The SOD becomes the single and only SOD in the game.

Uma the big lumbering retard shanks the entire Royal family of Camelyn. The whole process starts over. All of the objects there become unique as well.

Scenario B:

Uma the big lumbering retard has shanked all of the Rulers and Bigass mobs there are and Rulers have become ridiculously hard to defeat (which they should be).

(item 2 of overall requirements) To balance out the power of one big Jackass controlling all of the objects/hoarding/ and newbies getting gear we develop random encounters. In the terrain areas mobs and areas occur randomly with an encounter daemon and a grid/area/terrain daemon which can allocate rooms dynamically or statically.

  1. ) EncounterDaemon? randomly generates war parties/random mobs/dragon lairs/barrows/graves/(insert your encounter here)

  1. ) The encounters have a percentage chance of having a unique object.

  1. ) The terrain in between unique areas insure that there are places for players to adventures/explore/quest/kill etc.

-- ElffyB - 10 Feb 2003

I like the idea of player governed areas, but should they really be confined to a certain area? And should all unique monsters advance to the point that they are unbeatable even by huge partys. "Gossip Retard: Hey guys, how about all of us go try and kill KoE?, I've gained a couple lvls, perhaps he won't beat us this time!

I agree though that advancing monsters is good way to keep powerful items difficult to obtain. But I'm in favor of looking for a alternative means of accomplishing this

-- DonaldKincannon - 15 Feb 2003

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