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This area has been approved

The town being built is named OshiuS, for reference. PirateShip is also on the island, somewhere.

This area will be a new island accessable through some a port in Oshius. I'm hoping for a ferry from Tolnedra harbour.

The Reef

The reef will not have much to do with the area itself, but I'm hoping to eventually add a mer-area that will be accessable somehow. This area will be located in/by the reef. This is why the area is named what it is.

-- DevonScarfe - 09 Sep 2003

Log on your Builder character and type "help proposal". Your missing such things as a map, specific numbers of mobs, armours, weapons, rooms, and a list of special objects etc. that you can't build with the blob. This way it will make it easier to read and understand your area and what your intending to do.

-- EmbeR - 09 Sep 2003

It seems you are in the process of building a large area - no complaints at all from me on that.

Lets add a few things to the design at this stage tho because they have a long term effect.

We need:

-- FantoM - 09 Sep 2003

My apologies on the last section. I misunderstood part of the MUD due to reading another outdated section of the twiki board.

I am wondering how I could perhaps introduce sections of this area at a time. Right now I want the ? on the map to be blocked off somehow...Perhaps I could literally say that due to the state of the road or construction "You (the player) can not proceed"?

-- DevonScarfe - 09 Sep 2003


For right now there is a road block of some kind going to the east in the NE ? on the map. The southern two ? will be roads in disrepair at the moment. I will think up some kind of desc in the relavent rooms preventing people from going there...

The Town

As for the rest of the town, it's relatively minor. The docks will be expanded into a full harbour. The south side of the town runs into a wall of rock that is the island-mountain. The town will have a harbourtower/lighthouse (very similar to Tolnedra's actually, except smaller). The town will have no true guards.

The Island

The island is relatively large, but the only easily accessible parts are the coastline. Most of the inland (exceptions will be added eventually) is thick forest with heavy undergrowth. Therefor, the coastline will perhaps have another small settlement/area on the other side of the island. I'm leaving leeway for other builders to have areas to build onto.

Anything I forget?

-- DevonScarfe - 09 Sep 2003

In my opinion it would be better to actually build a small village and leave it at that. Developing it into a small town with time seems like some waste of work, it would be better then to have one village AND one small town instead of removing the village after a while.

Perhaps the map could also be a bit less 'squary/blocky'...

-- PumaN - 09 Sep 2003

The squareness isn't really an issue in my opinion, as this area will be added to in time. Special features will be added in other parts of the town. I intend to add on special features/areas within the town itself. This town is going to (if things go well) be about a fourth the size of Tolnedra - decent sized, but not too large to build. The mountain and reef are what are going to be extra special places for this area.

IMPORTANT I need/want builders to propose projects that can be put around on the island. Suggestions:

Add suggestions for areas attached to here. (being done by EmbmaInc.)

- DevonScarfe - 10 Sep 2003

Note about picture: This picture needs to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise to make sense. Oshius is to the northwest of the island, not to the south. I can't rotat very easily for some reason on my computer.

Reef Island picture:

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