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As part of the building of an object library for the mud we need to gather details about the state of things already in play.

The tool /players/fantom/obj/recorder/recorder.c can be used by players to record the shape of all the monsters in the mud.

The tool provides the 'body' command and should be used when in the room with a monster for whom the details need to be recorded.

The command body <monster> lists the existing details of the monster.

The command body <monster> humanoid tail horns hooves would define monster as being humanoid (head/torso/arms/legs) with a tail, horns and hooves.

The command body <monster> -tail noears would remove the tail and add noears.

All changes are logged.

NEW There is now a body all command to list the details of all monsters in the room, this is useful for determining what has yet to be done.

Add suggestions below.

-- FantoM - 21 Feb 2005

Body shape overview

base shape includes examples
Arachnid legs8, eyes8, torso, notoes Spiders and ...
Avian torso, wings, leg2 Birds
Humanoid leg2, arm2, torso Physical demons, skeletons, trolls
Leg4 leg4 (four legs), torso, noarms Dogs, horses, elephants
Reptile torso, leg4, tail, scales, noarms Lizards, crocodiles, etc.
Snake torso, tail, noears, nolegs, noarms Snakes!
Fish torso, tail, fins Any fish-like creature
Insect torso, 6 legs, 2eyes, noarms, notoes An insect!
Codertodo nothing Anythign so wierd the coder will have to decide

* Another question I had, will -leg2 remove leg2 off the base of a reptile (leg4,tail) or will that only subtract if a leg2 attribute was added extra? -- TuKaN - 22 Feb 2005

NEW Sizes are now supported, use the table below to get the right value. Don't worry if you feel you are out by a bit. If the size is omitted then its presumably medium.

size feet (size) examples
szTiny 0-1 hand-sized or smaller: insect,rat,mouse,frog,snake
szSmall 2-4 smaller than an adult: halfling,dwarf,cat,dog,children
szMedium 5-8 human,cow,horse,shark
szLarge 9-30 ogre,car,elephant
szHuge 31-90 giant,whale,dragon
szColossal 91- large dragon, big dianosaur, etc

Parts yet to handle



I'm compiling a list of recorded areas to help the recorders.

Completed areas:

Remaining areas unconfirmed. I'm checking them all myself to make sure they are all correct. I've spent a couple hours each day.

The recorders: Jinx (Ninja,) Metallica, Poeun (Cuddles, me.) -- LuCid - 27 Feb 2005

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