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Quest idea outline

I. Logging

a. I think perhaps that quests, instead of being logged to one large file, should be logged to individual files so reviewing the dates quests are done (and which quests) is less arduous. Grepping has the same effect, I suppose, but with the potential for a large number of entries it's also possible that the in-MUD version of grep would not be able to accommodate the large number of results or specifics regarding them. If the quest logs are monitored adequately, it could prove patterns in some evidences of quest cheating. (I recall a while back seeing that people who use "cybercafes" would solve quests in one or two day intervals to keep from being caught.) Particularly large or time-consuming quests should log benchmarks in the quest's completion and when said benchmarks are reached so a reader may determine when the party completed the quest, and how long it took them to do so.

b. Another idea I had was to add something that would notify wizards (prince+, in accordance with the quest answer securities, etc.) when players finish quests, or in some instances... certain parts of quests (if they're particularly large or involving ones).

II. "Active" (dynamic) quests

a. "Active quests" are in-MUD activities proposed and established by wizards in which players participate in events to make gold or experience points. Active quests can range from simple to complex events. One benefit of active quests is that it simply puts gold in the hands of players when it seems that finding gold is, while not wholly difficult, time-consuming nonetheless.

Sample Proposal for an Active Quest

Tel'aran'rhiod: The Dream World

Objective: To find the end of a randomly generated maze in an allotted amount of time, while not remaining in one room long enough to allow thoughts to stray and cause one to awaken.

Reward: 50,000 to 200,000 coins.

Note: At this point the submitting wizard may wish to include what it is they wish to write and/or append. For the sake of poorly written examples everywhere, I will just use this note as a substitute.


III. Modification of frequently done quests

a. Every two months or so quests should be reviewed for the amount of times they've been solved. If a quest has been done frequently, a review may be in order to invest modifications to the quest to keep its answer from becoming "set in stone", thereby protecting the value of the quest points allocated to it and at the same time allowing the quest to remain a challenge. Simple quests requiring only one step and worth only one point (ie, "Bare Headed") may/will be exempt. Ideas for changes to be made will be included in a future proposal.

IV. Law reforms in regards to quests

a. Every player should be required to register within five to ten days of creation or be eliminated. This will enable us to keep track of who owns which players.

b. Instead of allowing one char per IP per boot, no two chars should be allowed to log on at the same time. (While this eliminates home networks and cybercafes, I really can't say that's any more of a disruption than being only allowed one char per boot... and it's surely more enforceable.)

c. Parties suspected of quest cheating should have their ability to play the game effectively revoked until they are no longer in question or punished accordingly.

Questions, ideas, comments? WindWillow - 18 Jan 2003

I agree, some quests are way to common among the players, and should probably be changed inorder to make them retain any merit they may have had in the past. Yes Quests are cool and add to the game, but if everyone knows's not really a quest now it is!

I'd like to see a lot more quest's or mini/semi quests so players could have other things to do than PKing, Exping, or resorting to being a general pest...I'm sure we can all think of a few people that fit that last one. Who agrees?

-- DonaldKincannon - 18 Jan 2003

I think attempting to stop quest cheating is a complete waste of our time. Those that want to cheat WILL, there is nothing you can do to stop them. Adding more and more rules and regulations and attempts to catch them will just make them be a little more devious and end up costing us bucket loads of time and pain.

Registration of characters was also a waste of time, IMO.

The multiple-character-per-boot thing is a separate issue, I think we should create a rules page and discuss it there. I'm a big believer in less rules because it means less we have to enforce. Certainly less stupid rules that we can not enforce reliably.

Modification of quests is a pain - partially because it requires changing in-play code and most people don't code quests very well the first time, let alone in a change. In addition most quests fit cleanly into an area, the moment you go and change the quest you screw with the fit.

-- FantoM - 19 Jan 2003

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