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( Just a note : I thought we had something on this topic elsewhere on the Twiki, so if anyone can find it please link to it. )

The concept of Pre titles has come up again on the bboard.

I'd always presumed we'd use the pretitle as a means of showing a rank for a player but never got far in deciding what the rank reflected.

The end of the discussion was an interesting idea - that we have track player scores in a number of categories and one or two pretitles are associated with each. The player with the highest score (and maybe second highest score) in a category gets the pretitle.

So - we need to work out what we want to track and what the 'highest' and 'second highest' scores are.

Add these to the table below.

Category Pretitle for highest Pretitle for second highest
Player level BigToughGuy WannaBe
Highest Stormlord WetAndWild JustPlainWet
Highest Druid Nature'sFriend TreeHugger
Highest Thief StabbyMan ShadowMaster

(Fry edited the chart and added Druid and Thief sections -- DevonScarfe - 04 Nov 2004)

Keep in mind that we also need to think about what happens if a player is highest in more than one category.

-- FantoM - 03 Nov 2004

An idea I liked of Bedlams from the Bboard;

People who are jailed or are in jail should get the pretitle of "Idiot" (or something more politically/morally correct: ie. Inmate, Soap Dropper, etc. laf) until reboot.

-- FantoM

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