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"Alchemy needs to be expanded to include poisons (applied to weapons perhaps) and status effects, things such as blindness, paralyzation, poisoned, berserk, etc. Currently I believe we can support, stat loss or reduction, and loss of hp and while these are the most typical poisons, I think the other ones add a lot more depth.

Things to plan How do we administer the poison? Poison types and how they are made (the more powerful the longer the preparation?) Setting up code so we can do status aliments, skill reduction poisons, and making it so these effects last over reboots and logging off/logging in

I hardest part no doubt is getting that last one set up. Elffy once told me it is impossible to make the room dark to individuals (blindness) so we may have to alter things around inplay Poison recipies should be kept simple, until we can support living something in moonlight for 3 days... "

here are my thoughts on poisons (and potions)

-- AureleaGu - 21 Feb 2006

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