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Appended from Bulletain Board:

Someone needs to define what a player run shop is and can do, but here are my thoughts on major issues that need resolution.

  1. can you sell to a player-run shop?
  2. to items in the shop inventory survive a reboot?
  3. how do we stop a shop owner from using the shop as a stash?
  4. does someone have to 'man' the shop at all times for it to be useable?

-- FantoM - 16 Sep 2004

Having a shop which can carry on trading without the players presence is going to be just another shop - which will then spring up all over the place, and probably promote players to write trading scripts. I would like the idea of the shops being stalls, which players can move around the mud, and then buying/selling items can be done via the 'trade' command.

As for acquiring them - I think it should be based on more than just being able to afford it. Perhaps the player has to prove themself to a stall vendor before they're given a stall, and maybe it lasts only the time they're logged in - if they log out with a fully stocked cart, that is the same as leaving it on the ground and you'll come back to find it empty.

Having it as a stall will cut down on the overheads such as having an attendant hired - the player can also pack this up or push it when he wants to move. Perhaps if the law module is ever finished, or maybe just as a PK action (although I'm not as sure about PK only) it can be possible for thieves to steal from the cart.

-- ProdigY - 16 Sep 2004

I think we should allow a player to purchase land and a shop and run it as a business, something more substantial to stalls. We can control the spread through not allowing the sale of a piece of land. We can probably just auction a piece of land over a period of time when we decide we want a shop in a particular place. Once sold a player could no doubt sell it to other players as they wish.

I think a shop should require either the owner or an employee to be present to act as the shop keeper.

I think such shops should be general stores that can both buy and sell - unless the owner decides to not buy certain types of things.

Should there be a GST?

I believe there should be a regular (monthly?) land tax.

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