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Sunken Pirate ship, named "Broken Soul"

A small pirate ship with the name Broken Soul has been washed up near Reef island. It is inhabited by the pirate ghost Captain Jaskle. The ship will have around 6-13 rooms perhaps more. The ship will have 2-3 levels on it, a top, mid-level (maybe), and bottom. The area will be for mid level characters, considering Jaskle is a pirate, and would be well skilled with his weaponry. A small chest of 'treasure' would be located in the cargo area of the ship, and contain a small amount of gold and jewel which could be sold for around 200-400 coins each. The levels of the boat would be the top deck, which would contain the mast as well as the steering of the boat. Mid/bottom areas would be Captains quarters/cargo areas.


        0 = Decks of the boat.
        U = Up/stairs
        D = down
        r = door
        C = Captains Quarters
        S = steering area of the boat.
        M = mast
        A = Bow of boat (with the head of death carved deep within it.)

             name                 level     money           items
     Ghost of 'Captain Jaskle'     20       3000       Golden Scimitar

    Armour and Weapons:
        name           ac      wc      wt       value       type
      Gold Scimitar    n/a     n/a     n/a       1000        Edged
      Pirate hat       n/a     n/a     n/a       300         Helmet
       (Everything marked N/a has not been decided upon as this time.)
* If you've not decided the wc/ac of things then the value shouldn't be decided either -- FantoM - 22 Sep 2003

Summary: rooms 6- 13 monsters - 1 (ghost of captain) weapons - 1 (Golden Scimitar) armours - 1 (Pirate hat )

-- BlazE - 21 Sep 2003


-- DevonScarfe - 21 Sep 2003

Perhaps the area should be more canīt kill a ghost, but he is the only way to get the treasure, or something...

-- PumaN - 22 Sep 2003

I'd like to see a quest in this - maybe to retrieve the treasure. Either way I think the treasure should only be available once per boot.

Perhaps a "lay the ghost to rest and he'll tell you where he hid the treasure in the wreck" type quest.

-- FantoM - 22 Sep 2003

There needs to be some kind of entrance room. How do people get onto the boat? Do you just climb up the side, or is there a rock/plank leading up onto the main deck?

-- DevonScarfe - 25 Sep 2003

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