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Oshius is on ReefIsland.

History of Oshius

Four friends (last names Harn, Creen, Strarr, and Weems) find a mountain island (Mt. Franal) which has a large reef right near it. Fishing there is excellent so they start a small settlement, Oshius.

Oshius builds a lighthouse after several boats are destroyed in bad weather. The people begin to build their houses over the water because of lava flows from Mt. Franal. Three of the four friends die trying to build protection against the flows.

Mt. Franal goes extinct, town sets up a Pub where the old court used to be, and a trading store for land people. A small hotel is built on land for visitors.

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-- DevonScarfe - 13 Sep 2003


So far there are a few huts located near their dock. A few sailors will be located at the docks. The people will be very basic peasant types. A few kinds of livestock such as chickens and goats will be here as well.

Sailors - These are tough guys, probably able to take out low level characters. Sailors aren't wimps. These burly guys could really pack a punch when they need to. They would carry a club or some kind of sword/scimitar. Sailors would vary (similar to mobs in Tolnedra).

Peasants - These people would inhabit the town. There would be an assortment of them, the same as in Tolnedra. Specifics are TBA right now, as I don't want to list all of my ideas immediately.

Livestock - Includes such mobs as chickens, goats, and perhaps a lame horse or cow being lead by a peasant.

More mobs would eventually be added as the town got larger. This area can easily be expanded and added on by new builders.


I want to take a few liberties for the most part on the area. I'm not sure how specific things will be set out, because I want to design the town so that eventually it will expand. What I do know is that the dock(s) will be located on the north end of the island, and the town inhabitants will live relatively close to it.

     ?  - Doc - Doc
           | \   |
    Hou - Cou - Cou (str) Str - ?
           |     |         |
? - Cre - Har   Pub       Str
           |               |
    Hou - Har - Wee (str) Wee - Sto
             |          \
             ?           ?



Hou - House (A residence)

Doc - Dock

Cre - Creen Road

Cou - Court Street

Har - Harn Road

Str - Strarr Road

Wee - Weem Street

Pub - Exactly that. A Pub

Sto - General store. Anything can be sold here, but not for a lot as the shopkeeper of a store in this sized town would be low budget.

(str) - This is a stream that players will see in desc's of nearby rooms as well as they will have a note (You cross the stream on the bridge) when they move from one room to another. Obviously the stream does not only exist in two places, but the noted sites on the map are where there will be bridges. The stream runs n/s.

? - This is inaccessible for now. I will make long roads that will dead end at some barrier.


Obviously I would be unable to program the pub or store. Also the method of transport to and from this area would not be possible by myself. I was thinking that people might hitch a ride on small trading vessels, since Tolnedra wouldn't actually have ferries to and from such a small settlement.

-- DevonScarfe - 09 Sep 2003

It would be common in such a small community for the streets to be named after the first person to live on it - thus it's reasonable to presume that you could have named mobs ( or at least named houses ) along the streets.

-- FantoM - 15 Sep 2003

What about the pub being once town/gathering-hall rather than a court, and now expanded with pub-business as well? Perhaps it was even just a warehouse to begin with...?

In style everything in the community should be concentrated on the fishing trade, unless there are some other interests?

-- PumaN - 02 Oct 2003

I think this joint should replace the island that the Styl ferrys meet at. -- AarDvark - 02 Mar 2004

That's not a bad idea - that island currently has nothing on it right? -- FantoM - 12 Mar 2004

Right. About 7 desert rooms in the middle of a ocean... smirk. Nameless and I have picked up on the project. As Fry said before he left that I could finish it if I wanted and them a bunch of other blah. Would help if I had a builder to do this ( my character Duck hint hint ).

P.S. - I'm regrouping Embma and you can't stop me.

-- AarDvark - 08 Apr 2004

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