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-- MaliceMally - 10 Feb 2004

- Concept - This area will be primarily vampiric with the likes of a few humans in the town I will be showing you, there will also be a graveyard for newly born vampires as well. and a mansion will be mainly where the strongest of the vampires dwell. the goal is to create a town of constant twilight in which humans and vampires live together primarily harmoniously, though there will be a few vampire hunters, and a few human feaster out there. with the new element of vampires there will be an assortment of new items and monsters to fight which should prove a fitting match for high level players, and a few wimpy humans for the low levels. all in all this should be an area for everyone to come to.

- Area - In the example area I've set down here this is showing mostly the town and the cemetary, I won't get into the mansion quite yet as this will take quite some time but the plan is to start with the town, and perhaps not only have the shops as I have already shown you but maybe throw in a few houses as well.

The cemetary will end up having a sublevel to it, possibly through a tomb where you can find a lower breach of vampires who want nothing more then to feed on the humans in the town

The mansion will be the much more worthy fighter vampires who have bargained with the townsfolk and promised not to take thier lives in exchange for an unlimited suppply of blood from cattle and such and so forth

The town will be made up of humans, while mainly weak and there will be a few vampire hunters who dedicate thier lives to erradicating the demonic vampires in the cemetary

- Map -

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*               34            *
*                |            *
*               33            *
*               / \           *
* 27-28-29-30  31-32          *
* |\|/\|/\|     | |           *
* 21-22-23-24   25-26         *
* |\|/\|/\|     | | \         *
* 13-14-15-16  17-18-19-20    *
*          \    | | /         *
*           10  11-12         *
*            \  | |\          *
*             9 5-6 7-8       *
*              \| |/          *
*               3-4           *
*                V            *
*                2            *
*                |            *
*                1            *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
1 - entering town
8 - shop
20 - shop
10 - entrance to graveyard
34 - entrance to mansion

- Mobs - As mentioned before there will be 3 diffrent levels ranges dependant on the locations.

-Town- this will be for lowbies, easily erradicated level 5-10

-Cemetary- this will offer quite a bit more challenge by having vampires from level 50-70

-Mansion- this is for the very high level players ranging anywhere from level 110 - 150

*Quick Comment*
for the mansion they will not be defense orriented, thier aggression will be primarily on how much damage they deal to you to offer more of a challenge and less of the fight for 3 hour while you play solitare sorta thang. and in defeating them you should be well rewarded in experience.

-Quest Ideas- Since we have 3 distinct areas we have several options for quests, perhaps the owner of the mansion would like a human who isn't paying the blood fee dealt with, perhaps the vampires in the cemetary have a relic the humans want to use against them... there are many options for quests here, but all I know for sure is that they will have to be spread out through the area.

-Items- I would like it if you were rewarded with a suit of armour that lets you drain the blood from corpses to increase the armour class. it would obviously have to start out with a very weak AC but with enough non-stop killing it should be able to outdo even the respected Quarite armour. I aslo think that you shouldn't be able to recieve this armour purley by you ability to kill things, I think we would have to devise a way that would requier thought to get it every time. perchance by a HUGE set of riddles that change everytime you quest for it, and the answers can only be solved by exploring the town. but this is just an idea.

*Quick Comment*
If your asking yourself why I'm not getting too specific with anything, it's because while the concept is laid out, the mobs themselves are not due to the area not being fully designed yet. it's hard to tell or say how many diffrent types of mobs should be represented especially if I am going to expand the size of the town as I plan on doing, for example, if I kept the cemetary the size it is now, I would only need 1 or maybe 2 mobs to keep it intresting. but if I was the vast underground lair that i'm hoping for, then I would like to have dozens of diffrent mobs running around. so for the time being I won't be getting too specific and I would ask that you submit your own ideas to help shape this new territory.

Time to start on detailed design - and this can be incorporated into the stuff above. Questions:

-- FantoM - 19 Feb 2004

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