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The Newbie School is an area that new players pass through when the enter the mud.

As a result of discussions on the Bulletin Board we have several scenarios:

We have brought the discussion to the Twiki to complete the design and then split it up for Builders to produce.

Add your comments and thoughts to the Discussion section and completed design to the other relevant sections.


This topic is for the development of the newbie school for total newbies. If we decide to have a separate area for new-to-Tharsis players then it should be designed in a separate topic. I suggest NewTharsisSchool. If we decide not to have two separate areas then we can just make this area a little bit bigger to cover both topics.

We shall design this area in two discrete steps:

  1. List the goals.
  2. Design the area.


This is a list of the things we want the players to learn as a result of passing through this area.

Basic training

Tharsis Gate only - should have a shortcut here for those that feel they dont need the basic course

Advanced things - Is this a third part of course that you dont have to take right away?

Design the area

Here we work out a map and any important room descriptions.

Suggested order of rooms in the area

  1. How to look, look at, search (done in first room - look tells you to look at something, look at tells you to search and search finds a note telling you how to move into the next room.)
  2. How to move (move into second room), can go back
  3. How to talk to NPC (NPC in second room who you talk to and who drops a key when you do), can go back
  4. How to get something (Get the key)
  5. Inventory command (i)
  6. Using items (use the key to unlock the door)
  7. Give (NPC asks for key back and then tells you to go through into the next room), cant go back
  8. Learn more about self (score, stats, skills. Each of these in a room of their own), can move around in these rooms.
  9. Combat - (move into a room where an NPC tells you about combat then move into another room where you have to kill something to move on)
  10. Raising skills (spend your exp - training room which will only allow training of one skill for gold found on corpse. NPC in this room will tell you go go back and get the coins from the corpse), can go back but monster won't repop.
  11. Enter a grid of joined rooms which ultimately have one exit to the outside world. These rooms each describe concepts: Quests, Guilds (which has exits to the three guilds), Buying&Selling, Advanced Combat, Auctioning, GP, Alchemy, Gossip. Hide a key in these rooms which must be found via search to unlock the door and let you into the game. Unlocking the door completes a quest.


Lets give the drawing tool a try for the map:
Edit drawing 'area-map' (requires a Java enabled browser)


*Newbie Quiz Questions* (based on the teachings of the rooms in the Newbie School and the information given from Tutorial mob):

-- MikeBedlam - 29 Jan 2003

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