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Many feature requests or ideas start out as something small and grow into other things. This page is for listing those ideas so that they are not lost and have the oportunity to be discussed by all comers.

A better vehicle system
Right now we have a basic vehicle object that Elffy wrote. It's got a few holes and is rather difficult to configure but it's better than nothing.

I think we should go back, look at the design of it, look at what we'd like to be able to do with it and grow it somewhat.

Then get rid of all those bloody variants of ferry's etc that are hanging round full of bugs.

-- FantoM - 08 Jan 2003

I remember Fantom saying that it should be extremely hard for a character to max there stats.

I think the bar for max stats should be lifted, to the 20s and possibly 30s.

To make this more affective, make the stat training system more unique, and not so boring. Incanus had an amazing stat training system on the old board, wish someone could put it up i thought it was great anyway.

When you rearrange I don't like the idea of being able to max a portion of all your stats from the very first level 0. I'd like it if rearrange actually ment something, right now if you rearrange poorly you might aswell start again. If you know what you're doing you know to leave your cha and int low and max the rest. Almost everyone is using this system now and max there stats with the help of a friends cash.

If it's possible make it so the max is 30, and that you can only max it to 18, but the stats could be rewarded by doing something good. I don't really know, i don't like the whole quests idea, or make stat training a lot more fun and harder, like ..make it so if you worked the entire day you could maybe raise it to 10%.

-- MarcMitchell - 17 Jan 2003

I think we should remove stat training completely. You set them when you re-arrange, you don't loose them when you die and we have an alternative punishment for death and magic items for temp stat increases.

-- FantoM - 19 Jan 2003

Charisma stat
Currently we have a stat that plays very little role in the game. It has potential to add things such as: (based on higher levels in the stat) increased coins returned on sold items, prevent aggro mobs from attacking.
-- MikeBedlam - 18 Jan 2003

QuestCheatPreventIdea - WindWillow - 18 Jan 2003

I was thinking sometime in the distant future there could be an earthquake that changes the terrain just to add some effect to the game...

-- EmbeR - 22 Jan 2003

I remember a problem with the door code in my sewers area i made a long time ago. An error occured when trying to control other doors from an action in a seperate room. I don't know the first thing about how that is supposed to work, so... What are the problems with that? And the new idea whould be to have more lockable doors, and the picklock command/item implented. -- MikeBedlam - 03 Feb 2003

Has to do with the way doors are coded, they tend to flap back to original position if controlled 'remotely'. Picklock command/item have been coded, not a great idea putting that in the game when there are so few locked doors I think. Most locks are questrelated as of now. -- PumaN - 06 Feb 2003

I'd like to point out that there are so few locked doors because there is no precedent for really making any on the mud. It is assumed that every exit is opened or if it's not, it's part of a quest.

I wonder though if making more lockable doors, although it might add to the realism and fun of the game, if it is really a nessecary step. And if it is...then some locked doors will have to be added immediately to the game, along with the picklock command, in order to make the doors worthwhile. -- DonaldKincannon - 08 Feb 2003

Because there are many disagreements in the MUD I was thinking a court system could be made. Players would go to the court and submit a form to the judge( with a fee of course... if the players really cared they would pay money for it ). The form would consist of the players views, what the problem is and what they want changed. Then any wizzes would be able to read it, talk among the other staff members and conclude what should be done. This way problems in the MUD could be addressed more direct and get a final word instead of being shruged off.

-- EmbeR - 08 Feb 2003


I think we need a mystery. A massive quest that requires a lot of players assisting each other, and that can involve any level characters that wish to participate. Talk to me on the MUD if you like this idea at all. I have some ideas that you might wanna hear. I don't wanna say too much on here because of the player-access.

-- DevonScarfe - 04 Sep 2003

IMO I think the MUDmailing system is pretty cheesy. I think you should have to go to a post office to get your mail or have a messenger on a horse that delivers it. Because the way it is set up now you can check it anywhere at any time like it's magic or something.


This is only recently being discussed on the bulletain board under the Idea thread. I added its own page. Click on the topic name to go to that page.

-- LuCid - 16 Sep 2004


An area which players(and mobs) are very hostile to each other by nature.

-- TigeR - 17 Aug 2005

Add your idea here...

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