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Presently all a marriage in TG consists of is a special chat line.
A few ideas I thought of to take them further:

-- EmbeR - 14 Feb 2003

If you have joint bank accounts you can bet there will be a fight over the money :)

There will also be people trying to get their partner killed so they can inherit all the dough.

-- FantoM - 16 Feb 2003

So? :D I thought we were striving towards realism? heh -- DonaldKincannon - 19 Feb 2003

What do you mean by that? -- EmbeR - 12 Mar 2003

You should remember that sometimes divorcees DO try and off their ex's. I think the joint bank accounts would be an excellent idea. For one thing, people wouldn't just be off and marrying anyone. -- DevonScarfe -- 1 Sep 2003

Well we wouldn't make joint bank accounts mandatory. We'd just make it possible. I'm not in favour of the bakn account idea because the effort required to resolve the issues seems more than it's worth. However if you like the idea then map out how it could be implemented. -- FantoM - 02 Sep 2003

In order for us to implement this idea in any way, we should make some kind of advantages to being married. Housing/partying/etc. should be put into place before we do this -- DevonScarfe - 07 Sep 2003

We don't necessarily need any advantage - people get married now with only the chat line as an incentive. -- FantoM - 08 Sep 2003

Ok, go to MarriageAccounts to see further discussion on the banking system for Marriages. -- DevonScarfe - 09 Sep 2003

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