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Not sure what is supposed to go in here. But I put this here in the meanwhile...

-- PumaN - 11 Jan 2003

I was planning that this grow out of the world map.

We'd do world level design in TheWorld and then start this as an index into the major continents. Each continent design would have to include major cities/etc so TolnedraHistory fits just fine.

-- FantoM - 11 Jan 2003

I like that T-Hist very much. Nice work Puma. Will you be putting that on the web page, Fantom? And/or in Tolnedra somewhere?
-- MikeBedlam - 18 Jan 2003

Perhaps we could get some people to begin working on some new continents, or continent. That could expand to possibilities of new historys, more areas, some fresh backbones, a large area that is up to date on policy, another login point, and (if we want to get really in depth) player run governments eliminating clans....who knows--Ranma -- DonaldKincannon - 18 Jan 2003

Well if we can get an ok on a rough world map in TheWorld we can start serious design of continents. If noone else chips in there soon I'm just going to pick one and run with it. -- FantoM - 19 Jan 2003

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