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This topic discusses the command Slash.

From the action help:

   Slash is a special form of attach used in (or when starting) combat.
   It takes place over several rounds of combat during which the user will attempt to 
   inflict a serious wound.
   The command can only be performed with an edged weapon.

Duration is an approximation, it will vary based on how well the command is performed

Aspects of the command are

Aspect Name Description
Weapon Effects the size of the weapon that can be used.
Targetting A large discriminator in the amount of damage done is determined by the actual location that is targeted. This aspect describes the users ability to chose an appropriate location.
Preparation This describes the range of techniques the user employs in preparing to slash the target in the chosen location. This also effects the ability of the user to continue with preparation in spite of taking being hit and taking damage.
Cost Controls the gp requirements

Ranks for each aspect are:


Rank Description


Rank Description
1 gp
2 gp
3 gp
4 gp
5 gp
6 gp
7 gp
8 gp
9 gp

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