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This topic discusses the command Nertos.

From the action help:

Nertos is an miscellaneous ritual.  It has the effect of increasing the target's
   physical abilities for a limited time.  This is done through the caster's
   consumption of alcohol, the physical effects of which are then transfered to
   the target via a staff.  The target might experience a hangover when the
   effect fades.

Nertosing the target, the target's stats are temporaily boosted. It wears off over time and the target may experience a hangover, thus bringing the stats down lower than what it originally was at.

Aspects of the command are

Aspect Name Description
Cost Controls the gp requirements.
Effect Determines how good the nertos effect is on the target.
Implement Controls elements in performing the command.
Intoxication Determines the hangover of the target.

Ranks for each aspect are:


Rank Description
1 The ritual requires 75 gp.
2 The ritual requires 70 gp.
3 The ritual requires 65 gp.
4 The ritual requires 60 gp.
5 The ritual requires 55 gp.
6 The ritual requires 50 gp.


Rank Description
1 Only affects int and con.
2 10% chance of a bonus effect.
3 Affects cha and str.
4 20% chance of a bonus effect.
5 Affects all stats.
6 30% chance of a bonus effect.

How about we introduce improvements to more than just strength? Dex, Charisma, Con are all possibilities. We could also consider a loss of Int or Wis when the caster is at a low level.


Rank Description
1 The ritual requires a vial of alcohol.
2 The duration of the effect is increased by 10%.
3 Can be performed without a vial for 15 more gp.
4 The duration of the effect is increased by 20%.
5 The duration is increased by 30%.
6 Can be performed without a vial for no additional cost.
^Maybe be able to nertos with just bottles of booze?^

Suggest - allowing it to be performed without a staff Suggest - allowing mixing something into the vial for greater effect?


Rank Description
1 ??
2 ??
3 ??
4 ??
5 ??
6 ??

The 'post' effect could be a decrease in Dex, Cha, and Str. Could temporarily lower skills rather than stats?

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