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This topic discusses the command Disarm.

From the action help:

   Disarming an opponent is the act of forcing them to drop what they are holding.
   This must be performed during combat and requires that the user be concentrating
   on the target to the exclusion of all other targets.  In addition the user must 
   not be being protected (from the target) by another combatant.
   A successful attempt will cause the target to lose their weapon.  
   If the command user is unarmed then there is a chance that they will gain 
   immediate control of the weapon, otherwise it will fall to the ground.  
   A dropped weapon may be unavailable either party for a period of time.

Duration is an approximation, it will vary based on how well the command is performed.

Aspects of the command are

Aspect Name Description
Weapon Effects how well the user can disarm with different types of weapon.
Unarmed Effects how well the user can disarm when not wielding a weapon.
Technique This describes the range of techniques the user can employ to disarm the target.
Preparation This plays a large role in determining the duration of the attempt.
Cost Controls the gp requirements

Command proceeds as follows:

  1. Player triggers in in combat
  2. Player goes through a preparation skill check, determining how many combat rounds the player will need before they are able to do the disarm, then a second preparation check to determine how many combat rounds they will be "ready" for the disarm and waiting for an opportunity.
  3. Once the player is ready for the disarm they will take the first chance they get. The type of chance will be either an attack or a successful block.
  4. Once a disarm attempt is made there will be no further attempts.
  5. A disarm attempt takes into consideration
  6. A successful disarm will cause the weapon to be unwielded. If unarmed then the player will make an attempt to gain the weapon. If armed then the weapon will be "out of reach" of the two combatants for a couple of rounds.

Ranks for each aspect are:


Rank Description


Rank Description
1 gp
2 gp
3 gp
4 gp
5 gp
6 gp
7 gp
8 gp
9 gp

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