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The content below was copied from the wizard twiki
It comes from an earlier discussion relating to how we should rework calm.
With the new approach to aspects and ranks, most of these ideas are quite achievable.
-- FantoM - 08 Jun 2007

Discussion/Design/Coding of the enhancements to the Aislin druid command - previously known as calm.

First some definitions:

The way it works now:

Things we will do are:

Make it possible to cast at a target even if the caster is not in combat with the target

Make it possible to be an area effect.

And future enhancements

Make the calm last for a duration.

Allow it to be case with no moss

Allow it to be cast with un-crushed moss

Add skill checks


  1. What happens when calm is cast, either with or without duration support and comes into effect when the target is half way through an attacking guild-command?

-- FantoM - 30 Jun 2004

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