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All players start the game with a basic set of commands - kill, get, drop, etc - that trigger the execution of activities that all players know how to perform, and which will never fail under normal circumstances..

Players are also to learn new abilities. In the past these were known as GuildCommands?, but they have since grown to be anything that a player might learn to further his abilities. Examples include commands/spells that a guild or NPC might teach (stab/forage/heal/icestorm) as well as abilities such as critical-hits or dual wielding. The difference being that a command is something you consciously execute whilst an ability is (presumably) almost always in effect.

This topic is concerned with those commands which are consciously triggered, but much applies to abilities as well.

The VerbSystem? should be able to tie into triggering these commands, but until it is available the current technique of using add_actions will suffice.

What is a command and what is an action
In this context a command is the name given to the verb which initiates the action. The human controller probably knows of the existence of the action before his character obtains the command, but until taught the command is not able to perform it in any way.

A action will, in almost all circumstances, use one or more skills and may take some time to perform.

In subsequent sections the words command and action can be used interchangeably. Even after the introduction of the VerbSystem? we will still have a verb which triggers use of the action. That verb is likely to be identical to the command keyword.

Aspects and Ranks
Commands/Actions have an effect, one that is controlled by a varying number of factors - aka aspects. When a player learns an action they get a basic understanding of the overall process required to perform the action. Over time the player can spend time/exp/whatever learning more about the action and increasing their knowledge of the different aspects which make up the action.

For example one aspect of an attack action might be how fast the action can be performed, whilst another might be how big a weapon can be used. The player might spend time learning more about the 'how fast' aspect.

Each aspect will have a number of ranks - we might decide to make this a constant number regardless of command/action? The learning of the action will advance all aspects to rank 1. Over time the player can choose to advance this. We probably want some checks & balances to stop all players maxing all aspects for all actions. Possibilities include

The higher the rank a player has for an aspect the more functionality the player should gain for the associated action.

For example having rank 1 in the "size of weapon" for the "stab" command might mean you can use a dagger to stab. Having rank 3 might allow you to stab with a sword.

The addition of aspects and ranks to a command make it much easier to balance the introduction of player-to-player teaching of commands.

Obtaining commands
Commands can be given to a player as long as the player met the base requirements for learning the command. The requirements will usually be minimum bonus levels for the utilised skills and possibly guild membership.

I foresee several actual means of giving a command to a player

  1. The player is a guild member and a guild NPC teaches the command to the player upon the player training the necessary skills. In this case the command is very similar to a guild command, note though that the command may be taught by multiple guilds and may also be obtainable via alternative means.
  2. Completing a quest and being taught the command - possibly not being taught the command if the required skill bonuses have not been reached.
  3. Being taught the command by another player - this must involve some kind of cost to both players
  4. Finding an NPC who will teach you the command simply because you have the requisite skills, although this should probably never be done - a mini quest should be incorporated.
  5. Paying an NPC to teach you the command

Teaching commands to other players
[ todo ]

Using commands
[ todo ]

Issues for discussion

  1. What about losing commands through lack of use?
  2. What about having a maximum number of commands a player can learn?

Commands utilising this

  1. Forage?
  2. Study?
  3. Trade?
  4. Aislin
  5. Quickheal?
  6. Breo?
  7. Sgrid?
  8. Nertos
  9. Dion
  10. Stab
  11. Dissect?
  12. Steal?
  13. Backstab
  14. Blackjack?
  15. Flash
  16. Hailstorm?
  17. Lightning?
  18. Rain?
  19. LightningShield?
  20. SummonCloud?
  21. Icestorm?
  22. Fry?
  23. Cloudbag?
  24. Slash
  25. Disarm

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