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ROUGH DRAFT Housing Prop

We wish to implement a way of players obtaining their own space in which to live. The space will be either a space that you own, a space that you can rent, or a space that you obtain through squatting.



  1. buy land from the owner
  2. obtaining construction plans (###place a link here to architecture below!)
  3. buying/obtaining building materials
  4. paying a crew to build


  1. same as above
  2. same as above
  3. same as above
  4. player builds the house him/herself


  1. Land can be rented
  2. A house can be rented
  3. A room in a house can be rented


  1. An existing house becomes available
  2. The squatter squats the property for some specified amount of time and is granted the deed
  3. NPCs can squat properties
  4. Squatting is a PK only action


Any land, houses, rooms, that become available are posted at the housing authority.

Both parties (seller/buyer) must be present at the housing authority for transactions to occur. * Use for the trade command, yipee!

Players will also submit forms here for grants of construction plans.


Once you own or rent there are certain features benefits gained from having a house.

  1. Storage: a number of slots to keep your items
  2. Locking: a way to secure your house from intruders
  3. Healing: you can buy a bed for your house to increase your rate of healing
  4. Maintenance: your space will eventually need repairs etc.
  5. Rental: if you own land/house/apartment/room etc, you can can rent it.
  6. Security: you can secure your property be means other than locks.

-- ElffyB - 26 Jan 2003

-- ProdigY - 05 Jul 2004


Each 'plot of land' can consist of a number of squares

An architect must be contracted to make the building-plans, the building plans then acts as a bluprint for this (type of) building.

Basic properties of BuildingBlocks?:

-- PumaN - 06 Feb 2003

Interior Decorating

Now why would I want to have a house in the first place? Cause it's cool?

Well, houses should have real functionality, this functionality should be defined by its furniture. Just like in the game The Sims, more and better furniture makes your life easier. But to have space for all this furniture you have to have a large house!

Each room has an amount of space, this is not equal to the squares in architecture, spaces are a simple number, not a graphical reprentation where the squares have relation to eachother.

Doors and floor space
Each door in the room requires some reserved space (and wall occupancy) depending on the size of the door. Each room must dedicate a percantage of its floor-space to reserved space, so that you can move about the room, the more doors you have, the higher percentage (you have to be able to move between the doors) -- PumaN - 06 Feb 2003

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