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This area has been approved, domain tolnedra_harbourtower

The design for the Harbour Tower in the south west corner of Tolnedra.

Setting: Think we could remake the southwestern most part of town into a hill with a tower on top, the town main defense before the castle was the warrior guild could be housed inside...

This has been expanded to house the Harbour master in the first floor with a smithy and a stables outside the tower and contained within a small wall that once cirled the tower.

The warrior guild uses some space in the tower, the smithy, stables and some area outside the town walls for parade grounds/training areas.

Suggested map for the courtyard and how it links to the existing roads:

Edit drawing 'HarbourTowerSurrounds' (requires a Java enabled browser)

pad     cam-ish-
 |       |
 +   +   +
sta tow smi

+ doors
< - exit leading down in room below mark
> - exit leading up in room below mark
cam - camsort
lor - lorel
riv - riverside
tow - tower (detailed below)

1st floor:

haq+sta+hao+ (leads to the docks this way)

ent - entrance hall, remove iron gate to east
sta - main hall with beginning of stairwell in middle, note that its going up in clockwise direction
hao - harbourmasters office
haq - harbourmasters quarters
gua - guard chambers

2nd floor:

wal war
   \< >\ 
war sta war
   \   /

sta - stairwell leading up/down only
war - entered from the floor above, dont need to make this area
wal - this is a *bridge* or rampart that leads to the city's walls
3rd Floor:

top sta top
   \   /

top - the top balcony
sta - end of stairwell, ladder leading up through hatch in roof, door leading out to top balcony

4th floor:


lig - lighthouse atop the roof of the stairwell, iron basket or similar to contain fire, hatch leading down

The map so far is correct, with the exception that the 3rd floor is non-existant. There is also a single room basement. The wall will be connected to the 2nd story, with a rampart leading NW out of the stairs. This has been corrected in the map above. -- DevonScarfe - 04 Sep 2003

I added the third floor and changed exits on fourth floor to correspond with map. Also made a cute little map of what the towerplan could look and with a view from the riverside. -- PumaN - 04 Sep 2003

Nice map -- DevonScarfe - 08 Sep 2003

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