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I think getting from one place to another should take longer. It's ridiculous how someone can go from login to the other side of the mud using a predefined path in there zMUD/whatever they use.

-- EmbeR - 18 Jan 2003

Two parts to this system, delays and gametime.

Delays are to prevent hundreds of commands to be performed at once, most likely we will do this so that each command will be assigned some fraction of a second as a timecost (the exact amount depending on the type of command). Once so many commands have been performed that this cost adds up to some amount, there is a one or two second delay until it continues with the rest of the commands in queue.

Gametime is a more complex topic and Id like it to be used to perform tasks that would naturally take a lot of time (training, crafting). You might compare this with the stat-training system, it has to take time, however it takes that time from the player instead of the character, creating a system that any sane person would want to skip (bot).

So what I suggest is that each character has a timeaccount, time from this account could then be invested in tasks requiring a lot of time, to have them done in a more rapid succession.

Problem is on deciding how/when this timeaccount gets value added to it.

-- PumaN - 18 Jan 2003

New idea on how to make time costly, without having to wait for it:
If we have a skill-system where skills degrade with 'time', that 'time' has to be somehow defined.

If we define certain actions, like travel, to take amounts of 'time' as performed, we get a 'time' expense that is not based on real-time.

The skill-depletion gives 'time' a cost, without having to tie it to realtime in any way, and when 'time' this way has a cost to it, people will value their characters 'time', and not waste it on matters not important.

This would make possible such otherwise insolvable things as jail-times, cost to travel, time spent to gather crafting-materials, time to heal from serious wounds and so on...

Just because you spend this in-world-time, it doesn't mean it happens instantly real-time, but it adds a better balance than what taking the whole cost out in real-time does.

-- PumaN - 05 and 09 Mar 2003

The second idea sounds perfect. How would we design such an idea? Also, will this be affected by the future combat system(including things like stamina and swimming)?

-- AarDvark - 04 Mar 2004

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