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get seeds
   seeds may be gathered
   seeds may be purchased or traded
germinate seeds
   seeds may be germinated naturally
   seeds may be germinated by players or NPCs
watch the plant grow
   plants may grow in a cultivated environment
   plants can grow wild
fruit/spores (birth)
   some plants grow fruit/spores
      % chance of fruit (depending on the type)
   some plants do not bear fruit/spores
      drop seeds
      or no seeds
   fruit drops
      seeds come from the fruit
seeds (reproduction)
% chance of seeds spreading in this room
% chance of seeds spreading to adjoining rooms
the plant eventually dies
the plant leaves behind a 'dead object'

-- ElffyB - 25 Apr 2003

Perhaps each area/room tracks what plants/vegetation it contains, instead of each one being an object of its own.

Some plants (carrots for example) bear 'fruit' one year, and flowers/seeds the next.

-- PumaN - 25 Apr 2003

Ok so here's what I think. You can grow your own plants. There are certain plants which will grow better in different conditions. IE a moss/fungus will grow well anywhere, but it is the only thing that can be grown in a northern climate. as opposed to a fruit which would need a warmer climate. You need to clear your patch for gardening, then dig your little hole to plant either your seeds or spores. If you want you can soak the seeds in water prior to planting them which will increase there chances of producing anything, though it is not necessary. After planting your seeds, you water them and it will take a set amount of time before they grow. You can then use these plants for potions and whatnot. Another option is to give the seeds to a planter and as suggested elsewhere, to pay him to grow them. I think a fantastic place for this could be the elfrea farm. It would give a reason to recode that area anyways, which is old and not up to standards. If you don't pay a farmer to do it, you always run the risk of having your plant stolen by some player that just runs along, sees it just sitting there and goes yoink.

I'd be willing to classify each room in the mud according to the type of climate it is and how well stuff would grow there. IE the northern tundra would be Class 1 (cold). whereas a little further south in the swamp of dmoor it'd be Class 4 (it'd be warm but damp), and the forest of dmoor would be a Class 5 (warm and semi-dry). etc. I know it'd be a lot of work. And while I coded it all into the mud we'd probably have to go into temp mode. But the players like that sort of thing anyways.

Any feedback? -- AureleaGu - 21 Mar 2006

Zone Type Climate Average Temperature (in degrees Celsius) Avg Min Temp Avg Max Temp Avg Snowfall (in centimetres) Avg Rainfall (in millimetres) Avg Hours of light in Cold Season Avg Hours of light in Warm Season Other Median Fertility Rating (scale of 0-100, 0 being lowest) Max F.R. Minimum F.R.
1 Subarctic Polar - 20 C - 13C - 28C 30 cm 0 mm 3.4 17.7 No crops are grown in this climate. Fungus and moss can survive. 3 5 0
2 Arctic Cold - 8C - 2C - 17C 170 cm 100 mm 7 14.6 This climate will allow for crops to be grown in its short warm season. 10 20 0
3 Temperate Cold 5C - 7C 10C 45 cm 165 mm 9.4 10.3 This climate allows for the same crops to be grown as the Arctic, but its warm season is longer. 25 55 0
4 Temperate Warm 13C - 3C 22C 20 cm 230 mm 10.7 12.1 This climate allows for all crops to be grown during its warm season. 65 85 20
5 Temperate Hot 24C 17C 37C 0 cm 220 mm 11.1 12.7 This climate allows for all crops to be grown all season. 90 100 75
6 Dry Hot 35C 29C 42C 0 cm 40 mm 12.3 14.2 Because of the long hours of light, there is high productivity so long as there is proper irrigation. 55 100 0
7 Tropical Hot 32C 26C 43C 0 cm 285 mm 10.7 12.6 Water and heat-demanding crops are ideal for this climate. Other crops can be grown here during the dry season 70 100 15

Zone Type Terrain Median Fertility Rating (scale of 0-100, 0 being lowest) Max F.R. Minimum F.R. Other
A Mountain Rocky 5 15 3 Fungus and moss are the only things that will grow.
B Hill Grass 65 85 40 Little bit harder to grow things on a hill.
C Hill Rock,loose 2 10 0 Much like the mountains, can only grow fungus or moss. Less fertility because loose rocks can fall and cover any potential growth.
D Hill Sand 15 20 0 Dry, nutrient-deprived terrain makes it difficult to grow things.
E Hill Dirt 55 90 30 Hard to grow things on a hill, exposure to more sun than grass can be beneficial or harmful.
F Plains Grass 80 95 70 Most fertile terrain to grow crops.
G Plains Rock 10 20 5 Like other rocky terrains. Better fertility.
H Plains Frozen 0 0 0 If the ground is frozen, you can't grow anything
I Plains Dirt 77 100 65 Also very good for growing crops, but like the hill, the sun can be beneficial or harmful.
J Plains Sand 35 45 0 Dry, nutrient-deprived terrain makes it difficult to grow things.
K Town/City/Village Grass/Rocks/Sand/Dirt 0 0 0 It is not possible to grow things in these areas because generally the ground would be brick, or walked upon too much for anything to grow.
L Marsh Grass/Dirt 20 40 15 Area is slightly waterlogged, not ideal for growing crops.
M Swamp Water 10 20 0 This type of area is waterlogged. It is difficult to grow anything unless you find a drier spot.
N Forest Grass/Dirt 55 70 35 Hard to grow sun-demanding crops, but good for retaining moisture.
O Jungle Grass/Dirt 45 65 20 Like a forest, but more extreme: Hard to grow sun-demanding crops, but good for retaining moisture.
P Riverside Grass/Rocks/Sand/Dirt 70 85 55 Constant ground water makes it one of the easiest to grow crops near because player won't have to tend to it as much.
Q Shore Sand/Rock/Dirt 65 75 40 Much like riverside but the ground would be a little more waterlogged making it not quite as good.
R Ocean/Lake/Sea/River/Pond Water 0 0 0 Can't grow things in water.
S Glacier Frozen 0 0 0 If ground is frozen, can't grow anything.
T Caves Rock 0 0 0 No light, rocky ground, can't grow things here.
U Inside Indoors 0 0 0 Maybe if we implemented potted plants or something but for this you are just digging a hole and putting the seeds in then covering them back up. You're not going to rip up floor boards to do this.

-- AureleaGu - 11 Apr 2006

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