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third version.


The idea is to create a module that every room that is a fish spot will inherit. Then every neccessary setting is set in those rooms that are fishing spots. Firing rods will act as very inproper weapons otherwise, but you will still be able to set lure [and line] whereever you might be, but you can only fish on a fish spot.
This should be something fun to do, it doesn't add much to the game in alchemy or quests(altought it can easily be used as it). Players should get cool stuff out of it.

There are several ways of fishing;


This is done by simply lowering your bait into the water and wait until the fish comes (if any). Very little fishing skill required but could help to find more valuable fish.

  1. equip rod
  2. "set BAIT as bait" - equip rod with whatever lure you want to use
  3. "angle" to lower your rod into the water
  4. wait until fish comes
  5. "reel" once to raise the bait or catch a fish if there is any


Require alot of space and alot of skill. Very strong players will find this method quite hard to use. Once mastering it it will be no problem.

  1. equip a special fancy rod - all rods should mention if they are casting rods or not in their long.
  2. set bait *2
  3. "cast " - either light, for normal or hard. This depends on players skill in fishing and strength. strong players cannot cast too close to shore. they have to angle instead.
  4. "reel" - to reel in the line in a few measures. depends on how far you've got when you "cast"ed. this is when the fish comes.
  5. "haul" - to return to starting position and/or try to catch any fish.

(6.) if fish then you have to haul more than once to try to catch the fish. depending on the strength of you, the fish, rod and fishing skill. if unsuccessful the line can break and you loose the fish and bait if it goes really bad. same if fish swim too far out (depending on rods line length).


No faking of cast. The bait travel x rooms forward depending on the cast. Fishing spots have to be set up to allow long casts, or else the bait is lost.


A special case to hunt extremely large fish. TODO



2 categories. angle and casting. The line is not an item, each rod has its own range.

Baits and lures

You can set anything as lure, but beware, small fishes don't like too large things and some only like certain types of food. But there are also some that can eat anything.

casting only lures

In addition to these there are things you can do to lure fish to your position like throwing out food into the water to lure fish.

for details;

fishing spots

Other than those there are certain spots that are ice, tropical etc. Weather and time of day also affect what fish goes where.

for details;


All fish has some kind of random scale so some can be extremely large/small.









Divided the fish into groups, try to split up the remaining. -- PumaN - 06 Mar 2004

Add every fish you want here. Come on I need help with this! They do not have to have anything to do with real fish..

details in

* Plant life is part of the seabed.

Names may change and fish come and go. Final version may look ver different.

current contributors; LuCid, FreD

other and things to consider plus junk

fishing from boats?

study fish?

use of fish?

skill in fishing needed.

special moves to atract fish while reeling?

players stamina while hauling a fish?

the rods endurance

night and day



Water areas are quite large areas isn' it? whats the memory status of that?


  1. each fishing spot set up what kind of fish that dwell there.
  2. you set how much you want to reel or haul with "reel #" or "haul #". so instead of typing reel 3 times you do: reel 3. when hauling you need to think of not to break your line so a haul 100 would probably rip your arms off aswell as loose the fish, bait and break the rod. reel 1 or haul 1 is same as a simple haul or reel.

Fishing contests

Rewards will be very different. Decided before each contest, money and badges/medals are one thing. Trophies and other things aswell.

Fish brain

Where in a room is the fish located?

How many are there in one area?

How do they react if theres a bait coming close to them?

How do the special moves affect/scare them?

While reeling

Fish always exist in water rooms, you cannot fight a fish that is "afraid", they are simply too fast for you in water. The actual lure is moved to the nearby water room where fish can move freely in the ocean. If it swim by a lure it will get intrested and perhaps bite it with a chance of getting stuck.


Should be tied to water_room depth.

How to handle depth. I have only one pretty combersome idea; same as casting forward. If left alone too long the bait sinks. If no room is under then the bait has a chance of getting stuck(= lost bait and line).

This is done

This is done right now (probably outdated, I edit every day).

-- FreD - 03 Feb 2004 13:04

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