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What's a dynamic world?

-- EmbeR - 20 Feb 2003

A dynamic world is opposite to a StaticWorld?. A StaticWorld? is where something is set down, and then never changes. A dynamic world can thus change/be changed within its own rules.

This can involve a lot (!) of things, some common examples:

-- PumaN - 20 Feb 2003

Roads etc that change over time... eg "huge unexplored forest", then players start cutting paths into it and building a house in the middle of it.... The world changes as a result of play rather than a result of wizards coding new rooms.

On a less adventurous note - Clan halls and player-owned houses are another potential example. Wizards provide the tools with which players can build their houses and then the players are left to do as they please - and their results persist over time, thus altering the world.

-- FantoM - 21 Feb 2003

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