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Fully fledged skill advance idea:


Short discussion on skill-advancement I didnt feel like losing

Puma: Question is whether you want exp at all, as opposed to a system solely based on AAs...
Jubei: nod...we want some exp I think
Jubei: but moving to aa's isn't a bad idea
Puma: Why do you need it...?
Jubei: you get a progressive linear reward for playing as well as one by chance
Jubei: people like to know they're getting close to progressing to something else
Puma: Ah, interesting...what about skill-exp...?
Jubei tells you: hmm?
Puma: Each skill gains exp individually...
Jubei: nod...that's what I think
Jubei: that'd be a good idea
Puma: Ive also seen systems based on money, buying time with teachers...
Jubei: as a skill gets used it should have a likelihood of advancing
Puma: Ah, that ones good...

-- PumaN - 13 Jan 2003

I'd happily move to a no-exp mud with just skill usage counting towards individual skills - but as Jubei says people like to see progress.

If we move in this exp-per-skill direction I'd like to see it pretty much equated to "use of a skill gets you experience in it which automatically raises the skill over time".

I'd like to see skills degrade over time. Rate of degradation being related to how high the skills is - retaining a basic knowledge in a skill should be automatic while maintaining level of 1000 could require at least 1 usage per 1/2 hour online time.

-- FantoM - 13 Jan 2003

To give an extra psychological boost, skills could climb through skill-levels, such as novice -> master, and a skill would display the percentage you are to reaching the next level, this could be used directly in coding as well. If a certain command can not be learned until the 'master' grade, this gives a better feel than if it cannot be learned until the sixhundred-and-sixtie-fifth skillpoint. This should add more incentive to raising skills than pure numbers do.

-- PumaN - 14 Jan 2003

I like this categorisation concept. Would you suggest that the scale of naming be different for each skill.

Wrt to the main design

-- FantoM - 14 Jan 2003

I'm sorry to say that, but I don't feel much like making an area that won't be used by the players....I think that the exp system/combat system should be fixed first before people worry too much on other things. -- DonaldKincannon - 22 Jan 2003

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