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UPDATED Reconstructing this. I'm pondering the all sorts of uses for it. Some things to ponder:

Body Allocation Daemon

Daemon giving shapes to all living things mudwise. The bodies are not as detailed as players, but will provide with rough estimates of body segments and their use.

  1. Property scanning. Scan for removers (noleg, nohead etc). Store as flags. Scan for size.
  2. Body Building. Scan again and use base shape to create full chains of things. If not, process information as it comes and build the body. Use flags to make the body look in some kind of funky way.
  3. cache result



Uses for bodies

Missing things


Body module, m_body

a simple module m_body that gives storage capacity for a body to anything inherritting this module.

Some data

Useful methods


-- FreD - 23 Feb 2005

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