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This has been chosen as a starting point for the overhaul of the Alchemy system. As long as it is designed flexibly it should support the other discussions that are taking (have taken) place on the bull board and in AlchemySystem.

The Current System

Recipies are combinations of reagents mixed together in the right order in a vial.

If a player knows which reagents to mix they can crush/mix and produce the final recipe with no chance of failure. If a player fails to mix at any step they might destroy the potion but as soon as they get all the bits in the vial it's a certain success.

There is no "partial success", IE a novice will create potions just as effective as an expert.

If a player is successful in mixing the ingredients together in the right order then just looking at the vial will inform the player of the name of the potion, and thus give away whether or not they have created something fancy.

If you mix something which does not match a recipe then it's a 'random' potion which will do one of a number of things when consumed.

There is no support for different ways of putting stuff into vials other than crushing and mixing. It is not possible to mix non-crushed stuff.

Reagents are special objects - it's not easy for anything at all to become a reagent.

The 'mix' command is provided by the vial object - it's not easy to provide it within something else. The vial is a special type of reagent.

The New System

I am working on filling this in

Code design

I am working on filling this in

-- FantoM - 31 May 2004

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