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GameTime 03 Mar 2004 - 20:35 - r1.7 AarDvark
I think getting from one place to another should take longer. It's ridiculous how someone can go from login to the other side of the mud using a predefined path in ...  
GardensForplayers 24 Apr 2003 - 16:51 - r1.2 ElffyB
This topic has been moved to FloraCultivated  
GridWorlds 19 Jan 2003 - 10:45 - r1.8 FantoM
Currently our world is made up of areas with hard-coded links between each room and adding a new area involves linking exits with an existing area. The disadvantage ...  
GuildBoxes 21 Jun 2004 - 03:41 - r1.2 ProdigY
(Brought online from the ideas board) 'box status' A user-friendly guild box solution. All it would have to be is query obj's value and set that cost to your box status ...  

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