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Here is my stab at re-writing/changing what is written above. I'd love to get some feed back, maybe others would be interested in helping to edit it or have other ideas upon it :) There's obviously so much more that can be added on afterwards but like I said this is just working with what was written there by Amish and molding it in a way so that I can continue with what I want to do.

Aura's version of Creation

In the beginning the universe was without substance, there only existed Chaos. After an immeasurable period of time there came to Chaos a will named Amital. The two beings clashed and Amital drove Chaos back from herself. A great crystal sphere was erected by Amital to capture and fend off Chaos. In time, Amital was able to partition herself creating 3 new, separate beings: Ephestian, Malchiak, and Caedin. Caedin was considered to be a molder of things while both Ephestian and Malchiak were great warriors. Together they assisted Amital in her battle against the encroachment of Chaos. In time Caedin grew weary of this task. She sought out other ways to expend her abilities. Caedin was able to draw substance from Chaos and using this she created a planet and named it Tharsis Gate. She populated the planet with various plant and animal life. Finally, she conceived a race of beings now known as wizards and granted them great powers to control this world made from Chaos. Wizards were thus tasked to be the caretakers of Tharsis Gate and Caedin withdrew herself from any responsibilities pertaining to this world.

Aura's version of Post-Creation History

As centuries passed, the wizards worked furiously to expand and control the world of Tharsis Gate. However there came a time when their powers began to slip. This time would become known as the Dark Age. The fragments of Chaos within the planet overwhelmed the powers of the wizards. Earthquakes effected entire continents and many large cities crumbled. A massive volcano erupted out of the sea which caused a wave of tsunamis, smashing all coastal villages, towns and cities. Ash filled the sky and cooled the global temperature resulting in the failure of many crops and wide-spread famine. The population of Tharsis Gate was devastated and many years of misgrowth, starvation and anarchy ensued. Legend says it was finally Amital that stepped in. She aided the wizards in quelling the Chaos, restored their powers and once again united the land. In Amital's absence Malchiak, Ephestian and Caedin battled tirelessly against Chaos in the universe beyond Tharsis Gate. However, the inhabitants of Tharsis Gate solely recognized that they were forever indebted to Amital. They worshipped her, held ceremonies and constructed massive monuments all in her name. It was not long after that Malchiak became envious of this recognition Amital was receiving. After feeling like being taken for granted, Malchiak ceased in his efforts against Chaos. Malchiak went in search for a power greater than Amital's and vanished for many years. When Malchiak reappeared, he had banded together with Chaos. He summoned together a massive army of fowl creatures which swept through the lands of Tharsis Gate. This was the beginning of the Great War; a war in between the universal forces of good and evil, spilled over into the small world of Tharsis Gate. -- AureleaGu - 21 Jun 2007

 <<O>>  Difference Topic WorldHistory (r1.2 - 14 Jun 2007 - AureleaGu)

I'm definitely interested in building up and adding to this world history. This could then go into play, maybe in the library. -- AureleaGu - 15 Jun 2007

 <<O>>  Difference Topic WorldHistory (r1.1 - 29 Jun 2006 - FantoM)

%META:TOPICINFO{author="FantoM" date="1151549071" format="1.0" version="1.1"}% %META:TOPICPARENT{name="WebHome"}% This content was originally provided by Amish.


In the beginning all was Chaos and without substance. After time immeasurable there came to the Chaos a Will, and the will was named Amital the Lawgiver. Amital strove against the Chaos and drove it back from herself. She erected a great crystal sphere to keep the Chaos at bay. In time the Will of Amital gave birth to three children: Ephestian, Malchiak and Caedin to assist her in her battle against the encroachment of Chaos.

Caedin was the first-born and she was an artist, a molder of things. Malchiak and Ephestian were twins and prided themselves as great warriors. They assisted Amital in striving against the Chaos which always threatened to overwhelm the boundary that Amital had created. Caedin traveled the sphere and collected artifacts of Chaos that escaped the vigilance of her Brothers.

In time Caedin grew weary of her task and drew substance from the chaos and created a world. From that world she caused there to spring forth life. She made the Elves she created caretakers of that world and keepers of her secrets. Delighted with their sister's creation, the brothers Ephestian and Malchiak turned their attention to face of the world. Ephestian and Malchiak saw the Elves and created their own servants on the world, which the Elves called Tharsis Gate, a name mysterious to even the two brothers. Ephestian created the Humans and Malchiak created the Gnomes, a tall race of warriors proud of their beauty. The favored among the mortals were granted great power and were called Wizards.

Post Creation History

Legend speaks of the time when Amital the Law-bringer united the land under one ruler and ruled in peace for years. Peace and justice were supreme and all the land cheered at the sound of his name. Legend also speaks of Malchiak, Summoner of Ushaz. It is said that he was an advisor to Amital who became envious of his power and walked the plains seeking something that would make him powerful enough to take what Amital had built. It is said that Malchiak vanished for many years, but that with his disappearance the land became unstable and twisted. Creatures of destruction came to walk the land; dragons, giants, and demons. The fabric of reality itself became distorted and an army of fowl creatures poured out with Malchiak at its head under the banner of Ushaz, lord of Chaos.

The army swept through the land, destroying cities and leaving others untouched.

The legends also tell of Champions of Law who brought many victories to the forces of Amital and crafted great talismans to drive back the Chaos. It speaks of a great battle where the Champions drove back the forces of Chaos into the rift and defeated Malchiak, preventing him from summoning Ushaz into this land and causing its destruction.

Today the land is divided and its lords war for dominance. Recently the rift has opened again, and there are reports that chaos is breaking through in other lands as well. The people fear that Malchiak has come again, and that the end of the world is at hand unless new Champions arise who can battle the forces of Chaos.

Will you rise to the challenge and help the forces of Law drive back the lords of Chaos or will you seek the power that Chaos offers and summon Ushaz to destroy your foes? The destiny of the realms is in your hands.


  • good:
    • Ephestian
    • Amital
  • bad:
    • Malchiak
  • neutral:
  • minor:
    • Caedin the Seeder of Life
    • Inchel the Flame
    • Aristad

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