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 <<O>>  Difference Topic VehicleObj (r1.2 - 17 Sep 2004 - PumaN)

Should split the thing into one core unit that handles basic things of the others. Then more specialised versions inherit this object. Additional things, like attendants, should be tied in with external modules using hooks.

-- PumaN - 16 Sep 2004

 <<O>>  Difference Topic VehicleObj (r1.1 - 17 Sep 2004 - ProdigY)

%META:TOPICINFO{author="ProdigY" date="1095389459" format="1.0" version="1.1"}% Firstly, when developing a new vehicle system, i recognise that there should be a vast amount of different types of vehicle. This, to me, poses many problems in coding because of the different attributes that will be required.

So the general definition of a vehicle? Something which can transport a player; this can be a boat of any kind, horse or carrying animal, trap room which is thrown into the air, paraglider, ect.

Must handle movement through physical rooms - this is so that it's visible from the outside and makes a lot of sense to me.

User interaction should be possible ("turn starboard"), perhaps just initiated from user in some instances, perhaps fully automated in others.

Should this move while inactive - seems like a waste of money.

Problems will occur in trying to code in animals as a vehicle - whereas there's no movement points, a horse will only really be of any use to aid combat, and that will be apart from most other vehicle movement.

Some vehicles will have the ability to leave/enter while in motion, this can be handled but must be setable.

Max carry - this can be in terms of amount of players, or overall weight (loading up/carried) - what happens when exceeded? vehicle will slow, maybe become less functional or difficult to control (a boat may steer off course).

Views inside from the out (will this just add to long()?), inside/outside while "in" vehicle, may become dependant on what's seem from external to the vehicle. Same for looking outside, windows ect. "look out of vehicle to the west".

Multiple room vehicles: I'm sure this'll be taken as large ferries, but also maybe a magical floating castle, externally this would block exits so that it must be flown around, but would also change the description of the room. ("Open skies stretch all throughout" = "A huge castle floats to the west").

In terms of ferries, a possibility as it is for an attendant/fee - also maybe prepurchased tickets and sneaking on board. For other vehicles, boarding may not be of any use and this must be rendered useless.

An attempt to split this project into bitesize chunks.

  • Entry (board, mount, enter door)
    • Requirements (ticket, box loader ID)
    • Entered requirements (shut door)
  • Movement
    • Automated (The captain starts the engine and the ferry pulls away.)
    • Controlled (You order your horse to charge, You lower the anchor)
    • Partially controlled (You turn the wheel but a gust of wind causes the ship to turn the other way.)
    • External requirements (Should visibly move through a path so that swimmers, passers by can see the object.)

-- ProdigY - 16 Sep 2004

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Revision r1.1 - 17 Sep 2004 - 02:50 GMT - ProdigY
Revision r1.2 - 17 Sep 2004 - 03:05 GMT - PumaN
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