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%META:TOPICINFO{author="ElffyB" date="1050107294" format="1.0" version="1.1"}% %META:TOPICPARENT{name="CraftingSystem"}% Runescape can be played from through a custom java app. I SUGGEST EVERYONE PLAY IT TO SEE THE CRAFTING STUFF AVAILABLE.

It started as a mud then grew to mud with graphics interface, then evolved into a full 3d environment.

It has a pretty decent extensive crafting system; I will outline the one for smithing;

you mine for ore

  • you need a pick axe
  • mining is based on a mining skill and fatigue is similar to our stamina
  • certain rocks you mine contain different ores
  • the better ores require higher skills to mine
  • the better ores respawn slower than lower ones

You take the ore to a furnace and smelt it into bars

  • smelting is based on a smithing skill
  • the betters ores require higher skills to smelt
  • some ores can be combined to make different metals
  • having different molds can smelt bars into the shape of the mold

You take the bars to an anvil and work them into different things

  • you need a hammer
  • smithing is based on a smithing skill
  • the higher smithing skill is needed for different bar types
  • higher smithing skill is needed for different types of items
  • you can smith armour, weapons, or other metal goods used in other areas of crafting (nails for carpentry etc)

Thats a brief outline ... it goes deeper than that ... but gives a good overall basic system.

-- ElffyB - 12 Apr 2003

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