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The content below was copied from the wizard twiki
It comes from an earlier discussion relating to how we should rework calm.
With the new approach to aspects and ranks, most of these ideas are quite achievable.
-- FantoM - 08 Jun 2007

Discussion/Design/Coding of the enhancements to the Aislin druid command - previously known as calm.

First some definitions:

  • Calmed : A state of calm-ness exists from one living towards another. Not globally nor bi-directionally.
    • IE A might be calm towards B and D but not C. B might be calm towards C but not anyone else.
    • Calmness is NOT a global feeling.

The way it works now:

  • calm is just a "stop combat"
  • It must be cast on a target who is in current combat with the caster.
  • It will always stop the combat between the caster/target.
  • It may stop combat between target/others depending on how well it is cast.
  • The combatants are all free to start combat again immediately either between themselves or with others.
  • In the cast of catastrophic failure the target may get an extra attack.

Things we will do are:

Make it possible to cast at a target even if the caster is not in combat with the target

  • Casting at a player is a pk-action, IE both parties must be pk. It will not start combat whether or not it fails or succeeds (Except in that existing case where the failure is so bad that the target gets an attack - in this case the target should start attacking the caster).
  • The effect of a successful casting is the same as the current effects:
    • It stops combat between caster/target (which might have started since the player started the command).
    • It may stop combat between the target/others depending on how well it is cast.
  • In the case of catastrophic failure the target will start attacking the caster.
  • To make it harder to bot the command it will be a requirement that the target be in combat with something.

  • Attempted, will try to move on since you're avoiding me. -- ProdigY - 03 Jul 2004

Make it possible to be an area effect.

  • This will involve throwing the moss into the air in stage 2.
    • Check.
  • The command should certainly become harder in stage 3, probably in all stages?
    • Check.
  • It should only effect player-to-player combat if the caster is pk.
    • Check.
  • To make it harder to bot it will be a requirement that there is combat occuring in the room.
    • Done.
  • There should be no guarantee of any combat stopping.
    • Okay.
  • When cast successfully all livings (including the caster) in the room will be considered for "calmness" against each other livings (including the caster). If the caster is non-pk then other players will not be considered for calming.
    • Done. Gives two chances for each combat to stop currently (A-B then B-A).
    • Caster can still attack -> isn't considered "calm" against other livings.
      • Not sure how to add the timed halting.
  • For each living1->living2 consideration the chance of calming should be based on the effectiveness of the casting as well as the type of moss used.
    • Yep.
  • If living1 is calmed with respect to living2 then any existing combat between living1 and living2 should stop.
  • For example if A,B,C are attacking D and B,D are attacking E and F & G are just standing in the room when G casts an area calm.
    • It is possible that A->D, D->B, B->D, D->G, F->E will be calmed.
    • Combat will still be going between C&D, B,D&E.
    • One the "duration" aspect detailed below comes into effect:
      • It will not be possible for A to attack D, D to attack B, B to attack D, D to attack G or F to attack E.
      • It will never calm G for a duration because G is the caster but it may stop combat from G->[Anything] based on the same rules as all other combats.

And future enhancements

Make the calm last for a duration.

  • If A is calmed with respect to B then for the duration of the calm A will not be able to initiate combat with B. The A->B calmness will be removed if B attacks A.
  • This makes the command a possible pk tool (up until now the target player can just type "kill" again to restart comba)t.
  • The time will be from 3 seconds to 45 seconds.
    • Multiple calms will have no effect - IE if A->B is calm then calming A->B again will not increase the duration.
  • The exact time will be based on how well the ritual was performed against a skill check of the "faith.rituals.defense" skill of the target.
  • Agro monsters will get a chance to attack the target once the calm time runs out - the same chance they normally get when the target enters their room.

Allow it to be case with no moss

  • Not sure if we should do this one.
  • The ritual remains essentially the same except that you don't have to have a moss to perform it.
  • There should be no guarantee of a calm when case successfully, even if the caster targets only one target.
  • The command should be harder to perform in stage 3. Not sure what we do in stage 2 - probably gesture.
  • The "moss bonus" should be at an all time low.

Allow it to be cast with un-crushed moss

  • Even less sure we should do this one.
  • This is the same as the "no-moss" case, except that you use a moss that is not crushed.
  • Harder than a normal ritual, easier than a no-moss ritual, same "no guarantee of calm" as a no-moss ritual.
  • The "moss bonus" should drop substantially.

Add skill checks

  • Level of "resistance" to the calm from an NPC / PK.
  • This effecting the skill_success, I assume.


  1. What happens when calm is cast, either with or without duration support and comes into effect when the target is half way through an attacking guild-command?
    • Right now it will go through and combat will restart.
    • It might be possible to change this to: it will go through but combat won't restart.
      • Don't like this idea. Command is cheap and fast - can be sent after a fellow party member (many fellow party members)have began their gcommand and can kill the monster with no damage recieved. -- ProdigY
        • Hmm - good point. So the best solution may be to just leave it as it is now, until we reach a point where a calm can cancel an attacking g-(or other)-command. -- FantoM - 02 Jul 2004

-- FantoM - 30 Jun 2004

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