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 <<O>>  Difference Topic FollowHuntTrack (r1.3 - 15 Jun 2004 - ProdigY)

    • Pets inherit PET? possibly just remove enter/leave messages.

    • Pets inherit PET? possibly just remove enter/leave messages.

 <<O>>  Difference Topic FollowHuntTrack (r1.2 - 07 Jun 2004 - ProdigY)

    • Pets inherit PET? possibly just remove enter/leave messages.

  • Tracking - Following someone elses tracks after they have already left the area

  • Tracking - Following someone elses tracks after they have already left the area.

 <<O>>  Difference Topic FollowHuntTrack (r1.1 - 19 Jan 2003 - PumaN)

%META:TOPICINFO{author="PumaN" date="1042984800" format="1.0" version="1.1"}% %META:TOPICPARENT{name="WebHome"}% Summarized from discussion on old bulletin board -- PumaN - 20 Jan 2003

Follow / Hunting / Tracking


  • Following - Walking together with someone else
  • Hunting - Following someone that doesnt want you to follow them (this doesn't currently exist)
  • Tracking - Following someone elses tracks after they have already left the area

Current follow/hunting has a number of flaws, I have been thinking of ways to fix those ever since the implementation of the new following system.


  1. Spammy (each follower adds another message)
  2. Making no difference to friendly followers and hunters
  3. Impossible to follow in some places
  4. Getting rid of a hunter is as simple as typing 'lose' and then walking away...
  5. If you follow someone, they can speedwalk you to any place in the game, and dump you there

I know the code that needs to be added for these to be fixed, but having followers/hunters adds another dimension, when does hunting fail for example...? How to we designate someone to allow following us...?

  • Tracking never fails, so only escape is by leaving the area - as a result, trackers gather at the exits of areas
  • Not possible to follow while busy in command

These are a little more problematic for different reasons. When does someone give up hunting...? Cover tracks ability...?

The commands is a very complex thing, I dont think you should be able to do commands and running at the same time, two other large topics needs to be addressed. Combat running and 'how' a command keeps you busy...

An attacker always becomes a hunter, not a follower, but there is also the case where someone can follow you without actually attacking you, and you might not want him to do...thus an important difference in following and hunting...

I think that non-allowed following (hunting) should be a pk only-action...?


About Druid pets: I used to think it was unfair that pets couldn't follow you everywhere, but now that i think about it (Providing we want a real/honest feeling about gameplay,) I don't see them being smart/brave enough to follow you through certain exits.

  • Not all pets should be able to follow through portals.
  • Pets should only follow through doors if you stay and hold the door open for them? I'm not sure how this bit of code would be implemented. Its just an idea.
  • I can't think of any other special exits. 'Cept most pets shouldn't be able to go underwater with you. And well this one won't matter until 'Breathing code' is implemented.

*As for PK/Aggros Hunting: I saw on another MUD that when you flee'd from a monster you were fighting, it gave you a message "You are now being hunted by f00bar." This looked pretty cool.

  1. Uma hits you with lightning.
  2. Uma starts tracking Sissy. (He also has the option to follow here at his own risk, which would mean he would only follow and only be able to hit Sissy with regular attacks, at which point he could drop that ability and switch back to tracking by: unfollow Sissy;track Sissy)
  3. TO SISSY: You are now being hunted by Uma.
  4. Sissy runs north.
  5. TO SISSY: Uma arrives hunting you.
  6. Sissy leaves portal.
  7. TO UMA: Do you wish to enter portal? (This might be a dangerous exit like guardian of the ancients. And you as the dominating PK will be responible for realizing where you are while tracking your opponent.)
    • I dont particularly like this, possibly hunting and moving should be slow-motioned while you are in combat/hunting so you have time to take decisions. - PumaN
  8. *Etc. etc. until either Uma gives up, or either players quit/die.

  • If at anytime the hunter(Uma) ran the wrong way, they'd lose their tracking (Turn based combat ends. Uma can also chose to stop tracking Sissy and run around looking for him at his own pace, where he'd then follow/track him again.)
  • If Sissy ran back toward Uma, Uma'd get a free attack.
    • Sissy turns his battle-horse and charges back pointing his lance at Umas chest, so Uma gets a free attack...? - PumaN
    • Fleeing on the other hand, should allow the attackers one or more free attacks in the fleeing persons back, possibly doing extra damage. Perhaps depending on whether it is an organized withdrawal or not...and some other obvious things like speed... - PumaN
      • Fleeing could be sort of like running from snow dragon. You are basically stopped by your attacker first. Then you get hit again and try to leave again until you get away. This could happen several times and be based on a certain skill/stamina/etc. - MikeBedlam
      • When you run out of the room you recieve a fleeing blow (which could either be a hit from the attacker's weapon or a finishing guild attack.) This way, even if you did run out to another room, you could be dead in the other room away from your attacker. This could be based on your wimpy maybe, or nothing at all. Maybe luck. - MikeBedlam

Following is still quite risky, as a lose target would still be easy to do. Tracking would execute a more combat-realistic battle between players using hunting.

To tie it all together: Being the huntee would affect one's Stamina. Healing after running away would put one in jeopardy to be given another free attack by the hunter by means of turn-based rules. Tracking would involve movement points in a sub-catagory under stamina/hunting/tracking. Executing these Special Commands should require certain skills that aren't currently in play (We don't necessarily need more new GP commands to do this - There's nothing wrong with putting in more new skills(and at the same rate throwing out others).)

Now if you like any of this, perhaps we can brainstorm on how to make it work realistically. It might not be better, but i think something along those lines could help a great deal.


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Revision r1.1 - 19 Jan 2003 - 14:00 GMT - PumaN
Revision r1.3 - 15 Jun 2004 - 13:19 GMT - ProdigY
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