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  • I agree that we could do more with the current character advancement, but I've been to other MUDs before (none long term), but through all of the 'set this, this and this.. now set some more stuff' it just seems very over the top, and more complex than it needs to be. I didn't like the 'You have x experience to gain for your next level' much, either. It would also assume that you'll forget significant amounts of crafting while you try to get more combat, and then you need to raise your crafting again, through which you lose the combat you just worked for.
  • I think character advancement could be improved, but I'm not sure I agree that it must be this way. There seems to be a fear around the game currently of training 'cheap levels' which are determined as skills which a player doesn't use. Creating ways for each skill to be used for a player irrespective of their guild would add more depth, such as crafting ones own weapons, or perhaps fishing for food which may then be sold, building a house with tools and after chopping down trees. If you decided that today you felt like doing something new, you may come back and find yourself unable to fight very well, in which case I think most people would become frustrated with always having a skill drop while they try to get back the last one which dropped.
  • Teaching another player? this would involve repetitive use of said command/skill, and would probably be beneficial to the teacher. Teaching/learning through whichever means should also be dependant on stats. An ogre with little intelligence may fail to grasp the concept of a new ability compared to a gnome with high intelligence. Also physical abilities (possibly only dependant on stats) are a factor, such as again a heavy ogre trying to dropkick. Do our current races have known abilities which are non dependant on stats (ie eyesight)? -- ProdigY - 14 Jun 2004

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Revision r1.6 - 22 Jan 2003 - 04:06 GMT - DonaldKincannon
Revision r1.7 - 14 Jun 2004 - 16:16 GMT - ProdigY
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