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Some commands, like forage now, and hunt, mine, chop, plant in the future, require information about the terrain so that different sites will give different results. Two alternatives to this have been put forth, a grid area which is basically a very large number of connected squares which define the world. Second is that each regular mud room is given a certain terrain type. A third idea is proposed here.

Area definition

An area will contain some amount of information, about what and how much terrain it consists of, its WeatherClimate?, its resources (Flora/Fauna/Minerals) and possibly special features. Each room and/or domain in the Mud can then be assigned to one such defined area. For example: Tolnedra could be assigned the area TolRiver?.

TolRiver? example

  • Consists of 25 square miles, with 5% beaches, %5 river, 30% plains, 20% forest, 30% farmland, 10% hills.
  • Has a temperate climate.
  • Flora is defined by terrain/climate.
  • Contains a lot of smaller rodents, some larger herbivorous animals, some small/medium and a few clarge arnivorous ones.
  • Minerals: 3 medium quarry sites in hills, 4 minor ore in hills, 2 minor silver in beaches.

What can it be used for

The area allows a player to perform actions such as forage and have results depending on the area it is performed in. It allows wizards to better define different areas of the mud having different properties. It goes away from the room based system without the requirement of a grid-world.


Actions which are performed in areas consume GameTime from the player, thus limiting how much a player can do, thus avoiding scripts etc.


  • Scout - Gives general info about the area, like terrain, climate.
    • Result will be saved.
  • Explore - Gives an increase in percentage knowledge of the area, better knowledge will make other commands more likely to succeed.
    • Possibility to create/sell maps of area?
    • Has a chance of finding special features.
  • Prospecting - searches for mineral sites in area
    • Also possible to share with others?


  • Hunt - collect animals (kill/bind/tame)
  • Forage - collect plants
  • Mine - collect minerals
  • Chop - collect trees
  • Farm?
  • Build?

-- PumaN - 04 May 2006

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