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 <<O>>  Difference Topic HitLocations (r1.3 - 09 Nov 2003 - FreD)

  • Hitlocations as they are noted in the adnd rules are maybe a little too random for my taste. The player should be able to aim for certain bodyparts. Like an overide for the normal combat mode (manual mode) that give more accurate hits. I'd settle if you only had a few attacks to choose from but I rather see a full support for "manual" combat mode". Combat guilds could take more advantages of this sort of thing. FreD - 10 Nov 2003 00:20

 <<O>>  Difference Topic HitLocations (r1.2 - 04 Nov 2003 - FreD)

Hit locations is a very good idea, I has something like this in mind when I wrote my interactive combat idea prop. I think all of these are very good indeed but there is some obvious problems. The realism would suffer some damage. A direct hit with a sword to the neck would probably behead the average player.

To 'fix' this you could redefine the system a little making a little damage wherever you hit. hit would mean that the attacker makes a swing and the defender makes a succesful block(to all but the 'death' blow), taking damage as he blocks, not as he gets hit. Armor will block hits as well as shields.

uh I cant think right, will redefine this later. I vote yea to hitlocations though.

-- FreD - 04 Nov 2003 19:33

 <<O>>  Difference Topic HitLocations (r1.1 - 29 Jan 2003 - PumaN)

%META:TOPICINFO{author="PumaN" date="1043877460" format="1.0" version="1.1"}% %META:TOPICPARENT{name="CombatSuggestions"}% Hit locations means that weapon-strikes can hit specific bodyparts.

Which of these are of interest?

  • It makes weak spots in an armour possible
  • It also makes it possible to let different bodyparts recieve damage in different ways
  • This raises an interest in so called 'called' attacks (attacks specifying a certain bodypart)
    • The neck could be more vulnerable than a leg, but also more difficult/risky to hit

-- PumaN - 30 Jan 2003

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Revision r1.1 - 29 Jan 2003 - 21:57 GMT - PumaN
Revision r1.3 - 09 Nov 2003 - 23:20 GMT - FreD
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